Friday, May 20, 2011

Glasses & Lingerie, Pirates, School and Non-working Toilets

Okay, that title covers a few of the things going on in the Boyd household in the last week. Just a little recap:

Our church had our annual Ladies' Luncheon last Saturday, meaning for two days before hand I got off work and then headed straight to the church to help with decorating. The night before the luncheon, I got home at 11:00, only to find out that one of my boys, who was supposed to help serve the next day, didn't have the required long-sleeved white shirt he thought he did. The one he assured me he had three weeks ago. Indiana bought him one first thing in the morning. He looked a little wrinkled, but he had a white shirt.

That night I also couldn't go to bed right away because there were things scattered all over the bed. In my absence, my husband had decided we needed to do some sorting and cleaning. He had started in the garage and then moved on to his closet (not finishing either project) before deciding to tackle my closet. Would any of you let your husband sort through and organize your things? If so, you're either a better woman than I am, or you're nuts. After my reaction, I doubt he'll be trying that again any time soon.

The luncheon went well, although the toilets stopped working ten minutes before the luncheon started. That made it interesting, with almost seventy women in attendance. Indiana spent the entire afternoon working on the plumbing problem, which did not help his mood. He told me later that he felt like he wasted the entire day because he spent it on the toilet. I found his phrasing quite humorous, although he did not.

I received an invitation this week to a personal shower for my future daughter-in-law. I can't go because she lives too far away, but I am sending a gift. I considered sending flannel pajamas, but since I won't be there and since no one knows me, I'm afraid it won't be quite as funny as I think it is. Guess I'll stick with something a little more traditional. I'm going to go with pretty, long and flowing.

My boys are in the home stretch for the school year. Unfortunately, being this close to finishing does not always translate into inspiring them to work harder or faster. Nicky's been ready to be through with school since February, and for the last four months, teaching him has had all the stimulation of pushing a wheelbarrow full of boulders uphill. Monday I pointed out to him that he would be finished by the end of the week, but even that didn't motivate him. I've pushed and prodded until finally, this morning, he came bounding into the room, happily announcing that today he will finish with school for the summer. Of course, today he stays at home with his dad so apparently he's going to be motivated for him. Figures.

One of the reasons we're in a hurry to be done with school is that we only have three weeks left before we start Vacation Bible School. With all the decorating and planning and details that have to be cared for, we have no time left for such mundane things as getting an education! Our theme this year is Adventure on the High Seas, and among other things, I'm trying to put together pirate costumes for all of our boys. Nicky (I think they voted to make him the challenging child for this summer) told me he doesn't need a costume because he's already put together his own. I've tried to gently point out the fact that, not only does it not look even remotely like a pirate's costume, but it also features a vest that is at least two sizes too small. Alas, the child is stubborn, and I'm not sure I can convince him to give up his idea.

And the child gets his stubborness from the leader of the pack--Indiana Jones himself. After much nagging encouragement on my part, Indiana finally went to get his eyes checked. Since we were pretty sure he would need bifocals, and since I was pretty sure that bifocals and/or progressives would not work for him for a variety of reasons (I know my husband well) I suggested that he get contact lenses, and then use reading glasses. Since he had contacts years ago, he agreed that this was a great idea.

Until the eye doctor talked him out of them.

I still haven't figured out the doctor's reasoning, but my husband ended up ordering progressive lenses. The prescription was off, so he returned to have them corrected. Then the progressive area was too narrow, so he had them widened. Then it still wasn't right, and the glasses were "pulling" at his eyes, so he returned them and went to a different eye doctor. There he got glasses he liked, but they were single vision lenses and he couldn't see to read. So he had progressive lenses put in, and ordered a second pair of single vision glasses. He thinks he will like these progressive lenses, but when he got home with them yesterday, he noticed that his frames weren't quite straight so he tried to fix them--and popped the lens out. He did that several times last night, and would not leave them alone in spite of my nagging urging him to take them back to the vision center and get them fixed properly. I finally left him messing with them while I went to bed--but only after pointing out that he had now gone through five pairs of glasses, trying to find ones that worked for him.

So there you have it last week at a glance. And upcoming? Three weeks of finishing school, working full time and VBS planning, followed by a week of VBS and working part time, then packing and preparing for our trip and working full time before we leave for the wedding. And somewhere in there I'm supposed to be planning the rehearsal dinner. Oh, and did I mention my dress for the wedding is too big? That's a nice problem to have except that now I either have to pay to have it altered, or I have to shop for another dress. That would be in my free time. Except that most stores aren't open between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m.

Good times. So what are you doing with your summer?


  1. That whole eye glass thing? Your husband and mine have more in common than their sense of adventure!

    I just really hope you get a nap sometime because I feel for sure you are going to need one.

    Oh, and I totally would have found the flannel pj thing hilarious. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Flannel pajamas! I love it!

    You are a funny lady, Jill Boyd.

  3. Well, you know you could always eat more dessert for the next few weeks and the dress wouldn't be too big and you wouldn't have to take time for having it altered. Just a thought.

  4. Depending on where they live, say WI or MN, flannel pj's would come in handy. My hubby had to get bifocals but last night when I went into the bedroom he was reading in bed with his reading glasses on over his bifocals. Go figure.

  5. It's a good thing Indiana has useful toilet fixing skills because otherwise you would obviously have to kill him for going through your things.

    Perhaps his glasses are to blame.


    I thought the flannel jammies idea was hilarious.

  6. Cathy, I actually considered sliding on my diet in order to make the dress fit, but that seemed kind of like cutting off my nose to spite my face. Which would be painful and completely unattractive!

    Charming's Mama, the couple is going to live in Florida, so I don't think flannels are going to work. And Indiana announced last night that he hates progressives, including his newest pair, which he was not wearing at the time.

  7. Flannel PJ's would be funny! But, you're right. If you're not there in person, it may not have the desired affect. The last bridal shower I helped organize, we decided to have everyone bring a pair of sexy panties and we'd have a contest to see whose panties won. You know, like instead of a wishing well...Anyway, the pair I bought won. I was so pleased and the bride to be was blushing bunches. It was the most money I ever spent on a pair of underwear, but it was well worth the money. It was fun. :-)


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