Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Baby In The House

We've had a missionary couple staying with us this week, and they have an absolutely adorable three month old baby girl. Ashley is a chubby cheeked bundle of squirming energy that has wrapped everyone in the household around her finger. I had to laugh at my houseful of boys as they melted at first sight of this little charmer. (I took a lot of pictures, but I cannot find the cable to upload them from my camera to the computer.) The first night she was here, the four younger boys sat in a semi-circle on the floor and stared up in fascination at this new little creature. In no time at all they were taking turns making faces at her and talking to her. She rewarded their efforts with giggles, chortles and coos that only egged them on the more.

Since then they've taken turns holding her. Amusing her. Entertaining her. Watching her. I'll walk into the family room and find one or another of them sitting with the baby curled up in the crook of their arm as if she grew there. I'd sure like to know her secret because I've never seen a female captivate a household of males so completely. I'll bet she could even get them to do the dishes. Luke actually volunteered to vacuum because he wanted the floor clean for the baby.

I've found this so incredibly amusing. I ached to hold the baby myself, but I've been struggling with such a horrible virus that it would have been criminal to hold the baby and possibly share it with her. I finally got a chance yesterday, and she's just as adorable up close as she is from across the room. There's just one problem.

In watching all this entertaining action, I let my guard down. I never even knew it until the words came out of my mouth. One night as Terry and I readied for bed, we talked about the baby and the boys' reaction to her. And that's when I said it. "It almost makes me want another one."

Terry laughed. "Are you serious?"

I hesitated. "I said 'almost'." After all, my youngest will be ten in December. We've not dealt with diapers and getting up during the night for over seven years. Why would I want to start all that again? Still, that child is adorable. You just can't get enough of her.

The following morning her parents did not put in an appearance until later that morning. When they did, they told us that about the time everyone went to bed the night before, the baby started crying. She cried for two hours. Then she was up every couple of hours fussing some more. They were absolutely exhausted.

And I'm cured.


  1. Wow, and you didn't hear any of it! Aren't you glad!

    We tried to have more kids but it didn't happen, and now, even though I'd love more I am waaaay to old to be starting over (even if I could get pg, which I couldn't).

    But I would have done it if I could have. My kids always wanted a litte brother or sister.

  2. Jill, that baby cried cause she is in love with your boys too! LOL

    What a special time. I probably would have felt the same way about almost wanting another baby. Especially a baby girl!

  3. As someone who knows this all too well....just remember, babies are cute....but sometimes they dont just come one at a time, and while the novelty of that may SOUND cool....its still TWO more babies :)

  4. How sweet! Sounds like your boys are charmed with a little baby girl. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  5. What a blessing to see the boys fussing over the baby. Good future daddies (how do ya spell daddies, anyway?)

    Thanks for your support. I never intended to go to work until the kids were finished with school. I thought we'd homeschool all the way, but I always watched for signs that it might be time to stop.

    Have a great week.


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