Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trust God and Do the Next Thing

The title says it all, doesn't it? I believe that quote can be credited to Oswald Chambers. And it definitely applies. When you don't know what's happening, or as I covered yesterday, you don't have it in your heart, you can still trust God and do the next thing. I still don't know how these circumstances could possibly work together for good in any way, shape or form. But in my head, I know that has to be the case because God's Word is true. So while my heart is still struggling, in my head I decided to trust God and do the next thing.

The next thing happened to be the first night of our ladies' Bible study after taking off for the summer. This year we're doing an in depth study on prayer. This was not something that was easy for me to study about or speak about right now, but this was the next thing. And as I went over my notes I got excited. When I got up to speak, I was excited. It's amazing how God's Word can just lift your spirits in ways you would never expect.

My problem is the same. But once again I'm going to trust God and do the next thing. The next thing would be to get ready for my trip to Denver for the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. I'm excited about the classes I'll take and the appointments I'll have. I'm targeting a specific agent this year, so I'm hoping and praying to get an appointment with her, and I'm praying for specific results. (If I'm gonna teach about prayer, I'd better be prepared to put it into practice, right?)

And each day, no matter how long it takes, I'll trust God and do the next thing. And someday I'll see how this will work together for good.

He said it, so I can believe it.


  1. I know, sometimes it is hard to see the why or how, but we know we have a great God that holds the future!
    thanks for posting about your stuggles and victories, I know it is going to be a blessing to many.

  2. Sometimes we are able to look back and see how the Lord used a difficult time in our lives to work into something good.

    We don't always get to see how it works out but I really love the times that we do.

    And you're so right about the next thing. Doing the next thing, putting one foot in front of the other, and trusting God with the rest is an amazing help.

    We can just keep moving forward, doing what we need to do, knowing that the Lord will take care of our concerns and our needs.


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