Monday, June 9, 2008

Embarrassing Moments

Yesterday I blogged about an embarrassing situation. With perfect irony, life just happened to hand me another set of circumstances today that made me want to crawl in a hole and die. Or at least eat ice cream until I kill myself from brain freeze. We spent most of our day at the church, working on the decorations for VBS. There were several ladies there, each with three or four children in tow. Quite a crowd. And not much to show for the effort, I might add. But that's another story. Anyway, the fellowship hall was centrally located to all the rooms we were decorating, so that kind of became the hub of activity. Lunch was eaten there, cups were everywhere and toys were scattered all over from the kids playing. That was all in addition to large piles of cardboard, various baskets of craft items and even a load of firewood. (Don't ask!)
I spent my day tracing and cutting out leaves to put on our fake palm trees. That's right. We live in Florida, where there's a palm tree on every corner, and we're cutting fake ones out of cardboard. That's so not right. Anyway, I was getting a headache and I had kid overkill so I decided to run a few errands and regain my sanity. I picked up a few things we needed and headed back to the church, relieved to see that almost everyone had left. I went into the fellowship hall and saw that, in my absence, someone had been working with styrofoam. You know how that stuff pills when you break or cut it. Well, that stuff was all over the floor. Plus, cardboard and cut out pieces of cardboard were everywhere. Did I mention that my leaves kept curling? So I had them spread all over the floor with folding chairs laying on top of them to press them out. What a mess!
It was after 6:00, and I was ready to call it quits for the day. I was hot, sweaty and grubby and my children were filthy. I decided not to clean up that much of the room because we were just going to be back working tomorrow. Then the door opened and three or four strangers walked in.
"May I help you?"
"We're supposed to have a meeting in here tonight."
They said this as they stared at the messy floor. I stared at them and wanted to sink through the floor. I knew that a homeowners' association occasionally held meetings there, but I had no idea they were supposed to meet tonight.
"We called and confirmed with the pastor on Friday."
The pastor is my husband and I smiled grimly, all the while mentally planning his murder.
"I'm the pastor's wife, and he forgot to mention this to me. If I can move all this to one side, would you be able to use half the room?"
They were very nice about it, so I started scrambling to pick up my paper leaves and cardboard trees. I felt like an idiot. More people filed in as I rushed my boys to shove the mess to one side. Side note: my paper leaves are still going to be rolled up tomorrow because the people needed the chairs to sit in! There was nothing to do but skulk away. I'll finish with VBS and then I'm going to get even. (Imagine an evil cackle here.) It's bad enough to embarrass myself. I don't need my husband's help!

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