Monday, June 16, 2008

Other Uses for Food

I never realized before how important a role that food plays in our lives. I mean, obviously we need to eat to live. Plus, food shows up at all our special moments and events. But I don't just mean the food we eat. I mean the food we talk about. Think about it. References to food pop up in our conversation all the time. For instance, I told someone earlier this evening that my head was full of mashed potatoes. My brain was just so fried (there I go again), that I didn't know if I could think or communicate clearly any longer tonight. Mashed potatoes described my brain perfectly. There are other instances. Like when we say someone is sweet as pie. Or we refer to peanut butter to describe how sticky something might be in our mouth. Or how about the poem that says, "he shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly"? I've commented before that if my legs are feeling weak and wobbly, my legs were jello. And then when we want to paint something in a good light, we sugar coat it. And who hasn't heard of buttering someone up. Or when we know we're going to beat someone, we say they're toast. And who hasn't been please as punch with something. So what kind of food references pop in your conversation?


  1. How about -"icing on the cake." Your blogs sure put on smile on my face. Keep it up!!!

  2. Last night I heard several interesting food phrases. "You're the chocolate chip in my cookie." "You're the hot fudge on my sundae." I could go on, but I suddenly have a craving for dessert!


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