Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm Back!

It has been a long and eventful three months since I last blogged. I'm sure the hundreds (okay, two or three) people that follow my blog thought I was probably going the way of many bloggers--starting with great aspirations and then falling behind or forgetting to update with regular posts. Nothing could be further from the truth. In all actuality, the last three months have been some of the hardest of my life. Our family has been going through a serious personal crisis that literally consumed every waking moment and a good deal of minutes we were supposed to be using for sleep. Every time we thought we were fighting back to some semblance of normalcy, something would happen to make us realize we were sucked right back into the mire. We've been though crises before: everything from job losses to miscarriages, estrangement from family members, serious illnesses, even being chased out of Uganda by terrorists. Somehow they all pale in comparison to what we've been going through right now.
I have learned a few things from this crisis, and as a start back to my blog, I thought I'd share them with you.

1. If you sense that something is wrong, it probably is.

2. Just because things don't seem to be as bad as some other situations doesn't mean you can ignore them.

3. Advice comes from everywhere, but in the end you're the only one that can make the decision.

4. You've got to be able to live with the decision that you make.

5. God knows all about your problems and He really does care about them.

6. I have a new understanding of Romans 8:26. Sometimes you really have no idea what to pray for or your pain and
anguish are so deep there's no describing it. The Holy Spirit still intercedes for us in a very real way.

7. God will bring the right verse, or the right person or the right encouragement or guidance along just at the right time.

8. No matter how hard diet and exercise are, they're easier tools for losing weight than stress is.

9. God is still in control.

That's what I've learned so far. Our problem is ongoing, but at least the stress has lifted somewhat so that my spirit can once again laugh and joke. I'll be back to blogging five days a week and I hope to hear back from some of you (or either of you) once in awhile. In the meantime, I'd appreciate your prayers.

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  1. Your whole family is in our prayers. Even though we don't get to touch base that often, you are still thought about and prayed for on a regular basis. It is good to know that even in the midst of your personal trials, God's presence is obviously being manifested. We love y'all!


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