Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Home for the Summer

So my son's home from college for the summer. I'm glad to have him home because being surrounded by four boys and my husband was not enough. I needed one more male presence in the house. And this male is special. I thought about actually using his picture for this post, but he's so drop dread gorgeous that I was afraid I'd be inundated with females looking to contact him, and I am not a dating service. Don't believe me? During spring break from his school he visited me at the school where I taught. He walked into a classroom full of 7-9 graders and there was instant buzz from the females in the room. I introduced him and then he said he'd wait outside until I was done. He left but the damage had already been inflicted. No females heard anything I said for the rest of the day. Matt was only there to pick up his sister, but the rest of the female student body scoured the campus for the afternoon, hoping to catch another glimpse of him. At the end of the school day I began working on changing the bulletin board in my classroom. I had two girls wander in and ask if they could help. These girls have never shown an interest in helping me redecorate my room before. It was rather funny--I was his mom and that was as close as they could come to him, so they were willing to work for me just to be theoretically nearer to him. Since there was nothing else to do, I took full advantage of the situation. LOL They worked their little tails off.
But anyway, back to my college son. He finished his freshman year a few weeks ago and now he's home. He has just a touch of what a friend of mine calls "freshmanitis". That's where they have one year of school under their belt and now they know everything. My son had it much worse at Christmas break. He's almost completely over it now. And he's a big help. He took several days to supervise the homeschooling of his brothers while I had other duties that needed tending. He cheerfully (most of the time) joins in with chores or things that need to be done around the house. He's already spent time cleaning out and reorganizing the garage. He's also thrown himself into the planning for our church's first ever Vacation Bible School. (See tomorrow's post for more on that.)
But lest you think he's absolutely perfect, he does have a few flaws. His luggage is still scattered all over the room he shares with his brother. I can't complain too much about that, although his brother might. I remember never actually completely unpacking on summer visits. There was just too many other things to do. (I feel differently about it now, though.) He also has a tendency to scatter his belongings through the living room and family room. It was really bad when he first got home, but he's better about it now. I've also had to start marking food items that are for specific meals. If we have pepperoni in the fridge, it doesn't last long unless he knows it is planned as part of dinner one night that week. Coke and lemonade disappear a lot faster too. And ice cream--well it never has a chance to melt, that's for sure!
In spite of some pretty average flaws, Matt's a great guy and a great son and I am so glad to have him home. Maybe tomorrow I will post a picture of him. After all, I think he gets his looks from me! LOL

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  1. Still waiting on that pic of your "too cute" son of yours! As a matter of fact, just post one of all your boys. I'd love to see how much they've all grown!


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