Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm a Killjoy

The wet blanket. The spoilsport. The pain in the neck. I've heard all the names. I've used the names. It's just tonight that I've come to realize, I am the names. I'm the wet blanket. The killjoy. But then again, let's look at this logically.
First, I have fifteen house guests. That's right. Fifteen people staying with us in our house this week. Ten of them are teenagers. Add two teenagers of my own to that mix. They are polite people. They are (relatively) well-behaved. So should I grant them a little leeway when they want to slide down my stairs? After all, don't they have a right to blow off some steam? What about the fact that they are using the brand new totes that I bought? They're sliding down my stairs, laughing and screaming, sitting on the lids to these new totes. Then they decide to go down in the totes themselves. Now am I still a killjoy? What about when my husband joins their rowdy adventure. What about if it's almost 11:30 at night? What if I already have one child in bed, and I want to go to sleep myself? Am I a killjoy if I put an end to the entertainment.
Apparently the answer is yes. Oh sure, they stopped. But they weren't happy about it. Forgive me, but it is my house, isn't it? And if I'm exhausted, I ought to be able to go to sleep, shouldn't I? We live in a big house. Why can't we dedicate one floor to quiet and peacefulness so that those that want to sleep can do so? I don't think that's too much to ask. But I guess if I don't fall in with what they're doing, I'm the one ruining all the fun. I guess I can live with that role if I have to. Now if you excuse me, I have a banister to slide down.


  1. You are a better woman than me, Jill. Your guests are there to be a blessing, but that doesn't mean they have free reign in your home. Of course, I am being harsh, but let us face facts: 1) there had to be other forms of entertainment available 2) other folks were trying to sleep 3) this is not their home (well, at least not for most of them).
    Are today's kids that disrespectful? Maybe they have not been taught the proper way to behave in someone else's home?
    Not to mention, isn't there something to be said for plain old fashioned consideration for others?
    I don't know, Jill. I think the fact heads weren't rolling down the steps shows great self-restraint on your part. Then again, you couldn't rightly kill their fun by indulging yourself now could you??
    Hope you survive the rest of the week!

  2. Freda, in all fairness I couldn't do much to the kids when the host was the one who came up with the plan! I've traced the original idea down to my husband or my son, but neither will actually come out and admit it. Also, the kids were disappointed when I told them to stop, but they did obey. Tonight they're being perfect little angels. : )

  3. I have no doubt everyone there was respectful and only enjoying what they probably thought was everyday fun in your home. After all, with as many boys as you have, I'm surprised that was the first time someone had slid down the steps ... or was it??

    I apologize for over-reacting. Let me just say this: I'm glad it was your house not mine!!

  4. My boys have been known to slide down the steps a time or two. But not at midnight!


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