Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vacation Bible School - Day One

Today was our first ever Vacation Bible School. We've been planning for weeks, and I've even blogged about some of the efforts we made in decorating and setting up for this big event. Today we had thirty-two kids. That was exciting for our first day ever. Our start was a little rocky, but people settled into their duties as we went along, and the last hour, Rally Time, everyone was getting into the spirit of the week. The best part was, we got to share the Gospel with kids that never heard it before.
I love VBS. It's been a highlight of the year for our family all the years we participated at our former church in Alabama. My youngest son has been playing VBS for the past three weeks. One of my other sons memorized twenty-four verses today. It's a great time for the kids--and the adults too. Who doesn't love cheering and singing and playing games and winning prizes. Watching a little girl win big in Let's Make a Deal and then seeing her eyes widen at the amount of toys she won. And of course, there's cookies. Vacation Bible School wouldn't be the same without them!
So this week I'm going to be posting an update each day on how we're doing. We're giving out free popcorn to all the kids tomorrow, and we're hoping to have even more than we had today. Stay tuned!

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