Monday, January 19, 2009

Do My Lips Look Swollen To You?

I'm a coward. I freely admit it. I chickened out. Friday afternoon I pulled the box of hair color out of the closet and opened it. I studied all the things inside, comparing them with the list of what's supposed to be inside to make sure it's all there. I read all the directions, including the ones in Spanish. (I don't read Spanish.) I read how to do the skin test. You're supposed to mix a small amount of the color with the color activating solution and then smear it on the inside of your elbow--and not wash it for 48 hours. Right. Ewww. Plus, I was afraid I would mix too much and not have enough for the actual coloring event.
Then the directions told me to do the strand test. Snip a piece of hair from where you have to most gray and put it in the color solution to see how long you need to leave it in your hair. Makes sense except that most of my gray is at my temples and around my face at the hairline. I'm not snipping something from there.
The directions also said not to save the color solution in the bottle with the cap on because it could explode. THAT was reassuring! Visions of my head spontaneously combusting ...
But the real problem boiled down to this: if I messed it up somehow or had some sort of reaction, I wasn't sure I could get it fixed Saturday. Sunday is supposed to be the Lord's Day. It's not supposed to be about the new color (purple or otherwise) in the hair of the pastor's wife. Nor is it supposed to be about her (hopefully not) flaming tresses. Or her grotesquely swollen lips.
But I have determined that I AM doing this tonight. I cannot allow fear to rule my life. I have to embrace the adventure. I'm boldly going where I've never gone before! Plus, I'm about out of coloring conditioner. It's either use the box or go much more gray. That's a worse option than purple!


  1. Jill, Laura Webb here. I color my own hair all the time. I'm just not ready to be gray and it's not in the budget to go somewhere to have it done. But, I have only used temporary color. I do it about once every four to six weeks. I am too scared to use the permanent color plus the other seems to cover the gray that I have. I always just color mine my own color. If I wanted to be a redhead or something different than my normal color, I would need to use permanent and probably need help. Mrs. Webb says if you buy the permanent hair color, buy lighter than what you think you need. Hope it helps! Post a picture if you do it! : )

  2. You can do it , Jill! Think of the little engine that could and tell yourself - I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! Good luck and wanna see pics!

  3. Ingrid and Laura, thanks for the advice and encouragement! I AM going to do this tonight. I will consider it a success if it covers the gray, whether it lightens my hair or not. I don't want any sudden, obvious changes. I'm okay with doing it gradually.
    As for pictures, we'll see ...

  4. Girl stop reading the instructions!!!
    Mix the stuff and put it on your hair. You will look beautifuly ungray (yep I am using/inventing a word such as ungray). Post a photo hehe


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