Tuesday, January 6, 2009

High Maintenance Babe

So here's confession number 2 for 2009: I'm high maintenance. This is so embarrassing to even admit because I've always prided myself on being easy-going. I remember once hearing a woman laughing as she said she'd never ask a guy advice because he uses the same soap on his face that he uses on his hands. I laughed, but secretly wondered because I used the same soap on my face and my hands. Now I look back and wonder when that stopped.
I should have realized about a year and a half ago. My husband and I had to fly to Florida for a weekend. I knew airline restrictions said you had to carry liquids in small amounts, so I put all my soaps, cleaners, moisturizers, etc. in small travel-size bottles. I just didn't realize you could only have one quart-size ziploc bag. I had five. That's right--five. The eyes of the security people bulged when I whipped out all five bags.
I guess it only really becomes obvious when I travel. As I mentioned yesterday, I am traveling this week. I don't travel light-especially when I'm not flying. It just seems like it takes a long time to get the whole package together. You'd think for that amount of time, I'd have a better end product. Sigh.
So you all have read already about the coloring shampoo and conditioner. There's also the body soap and the facial cleaner. There's the hair gel and the curl spray and the hairspray. There's two different facial moisturizers, plus body lotion and hand lotion. Where did all these things come from?
I've finally decided that all this comes with age. It not only takes longer to make me look good, but it takes more products. As I've told my husband, I can't look this good for free.
But it does seem like I could get a better return for my investment.

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