Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Matthew and Stephanie Update

I've had several people ask about Matt and Steph lately, so I thought I'd give ya'll an update as to where they're at and what they're doing. Matthew finished up his freshman year at Shawnee Baptist College last spring. He's been here at home ever since, trying to save money to go back to school. The job market has been very sluggish, and he's been working whatever part time jobs he can get his hands on. He's working about 30 hours per week right now, and he still has some to pay on last year's bill. He's getting there slowly, but surely. He is looking at taking some correspondence this semester, and then in the fall he'd like to start his sophomore year at Landmark Baptist College in Haines City, Florida. This college is a little over an hour south of us, and he would be able to come home on weekends. I really like that idea.
Along with his security job (working nights) Matt took some NRA courses to qualify him as an NRA instructor. He can now teach classes in basic firearm safety, as well as classes for those that want to apply for a concealed carry permit.
In the meantime, Matt has been singing in the choir, and working with the teens in our church, especially with their outings and teen soul-winning on Saturdays. He also started a junior church program at our church, and he preaches there on Sundays.
Stephanie finished high school a semester early, and so she started her freshman year this January at Shawnee Baptist College. Her major is Christian Education, and she is doing well as she adjusts to college life. She is taking eighteen credit hours this semester and is also working thirty hours a week for the telemarketing company on campus. She's been there about three weeks now, and she sounds really tired when we talk to her on the phone.
On the personal side of things, neither one of them are in a serious dating relationship at the moment. Although they both enjoy time with the opposite sex, they have a long way to go with finishing their education before they get serious.
I'm proud of both Matt and Steph (as well as the rest of our kids)and I'm eager to see what God does in their lives in the future. Please continue to pray for them. At that late teen/early adult stage there are so many decisions to make that will affect the rest of their lives. Pray for God's wisdom and discernment and that they will both continue to follow His will in their lives.
Thanks for asking about them. I never tire of talking about my kids!


  1. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that they are both doing well.

  2. I'm glad you gave an update on Matt and Stephanie. Praise the Lord for good reports!


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