Friday, January 2, 2009

Things I Learned in 2008

For a new twist on an old tradition, I decided not to list my resolutions here. I have made some, but I don't feel like sharing. : ) I did look back at my blog from last year at this time because I wanted to see what resolutions I had made then. Lo and behold! I didn't share them with you last year either. Something about that making me more accountable or something ... ? One of the reasons I looked for last year's resolutions was because I wanted to see how many I kept. How many actual changes did I accomplish in my life? Do you keep your list of resolutions? It makes sense, doesn't it? How do you know what worked if you don't keep your eyes on the goals you set?
So I decided to think back over my resolutions and see which ones worked for me. First off, I purposed to read the Bible through last year. I make that resolution every year and I did it. I actually finished about two weeks into December. (It's unusual for me to be that early!) This year, partly inspired by my husband, I purposed to read the Bible through twice. It's tough, but I am determined to make it.
Secondly, I did not lose all the weight I wanted to lose. Big surprise, huh? I did lose some, but that was not through any diet. Our family went through an extremely tense and stressful time, and I lost weight that way. I don't recommend it as a dieting alternative. This year I'm purposing to lose it the right way--through diet and exercise. Again, I'm inspired by my hubby. He's in better shape than I am, but he's got some room to work and he's determined to do it. I can't have him leaving me behind in that area, can I?
Thirdly, I purposed to grow closer to the Lord. I do think I'm closer to Him this year than I was last year at this time. But once again, it was not an easy journey.
One of my goals for this year is to actively pursue publication of my writing. I've come close, but so far no contract. In addition to getting published, I want to schedule my time in such a way that I am writing new material on a regular basis. I have to have something to offer when that publisher finally says, "I like it! What else have you got?"
So what about you? Did you hit any of your targets from last year? Do you even remember what goals you set? What about this year--what resolutions have you made? I shared mine--it's only fair that you share yours. : ) Accountability can be a good thing!

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