Thursday, March 19, 2009

Addendum to Making Things Fair

Almost forgot! I have one other suggestion for dealing with bullies and such. Have lots of kids. Teach them that family comes first and instill a fierce loyalty to family in them. Eventually they become a gang of their own and people will learn not to mess with them. Matt once dealt pretty strongly with a guy who picked on Luke. Matt's response was NOT proportional, and he got into trouble for it. On the other hand, the guy never picked on Luke again.
At another time, Matt was in a confrontation. The argument stuck with words, not fists. But later on Stephanie told me that she was on the edge of her seat, ready to fly into the fight as soon as the first fist was thrown.
Teach your kids to stick up for each other and protect each other. If they know that they have a strong home that loves and supports them, they can face all the bullies in the world.

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