Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello, Again

Sorry to leave you all hanging there last week. I was trying to catch up on everything left undone during Super Conference. By the time I got to my blog, I was so brain dead I couldn't function. So here's the wrap up from the last night of Super Conference.
First up, Evangelist Bill Abbott preached from Exodus 40, where Moses was preparing Aaron and his sons for the priesthood. Before they "came to the door of the tabernacle", they were cleansed. Bro. Abbott challenged us to make sure that, not only were we right with God, but that we were also right with man. He said that's where most Christians lose it, and that if you weren't right with man, you weren't right with God either. Then Aaron and his sons were consecrated. They wore special clothing made specifically for this purpose. They were anointed with oil. They were set aside for the Lord's work. They were also committed. They did not turn back, but followed through on serving God. As we believe in the priesthood of all believers, I think this was an important sermon in its applications to us as we "go boldly before the throne of grace".
Bro. John Reynolds finished out the week by preaching on the story in the Gospels about Blind Bartemaeus. After reading the passage he pointed out the view of the crowd. They referred to Jesus as "Jesus of Nazareth". They saw Him as a carpenter. A fix-it guy. He's the One you call if something's broken. He also applied this to how many people view God today. They call on Him when they're in trouble--that's what He's there for. He then went on to point out the vision of the blind man. Bartemaeus referred to Jesus as "Jesus, Son of David". This blind man saw that Jesus was the King. He was someone to salute, bow to and obey. Bro. Reynolds closed with asking us how we view Jesus--is He your Carpenter, or is He your King?
Very challenging messages. The altar was full Friday night, and God really moved.
So next year, ya'll come!

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