Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, since no one wanted to share anything yesterday (thanks a lot, people! Way to leave me hanging there!) I thought I'd continue in the same vein today. Because after all, there's nothing like rubbing it in. Just kidding.
But yesterday's post did get me thinking about actual experts. I know several that I turn to for different needs. I thought I'd share my experts with you. And if you don't want to leave me hanging for a second day in a row, you could share some too. Just a little shout out of thank you to those whose expertise makes my life easier.
First of course is my husband. He's an expert in two fields. I go to him with Bible questions and firearm questions. He's well-trained in both. NOTE**For those of you wondering, I have firearm questions occasionally because of the fiction I'm writing. Get a grip!
For organizational and logistical questions, I go to Tammy Williams. I can't begin to tell you how many times she's helped me organize a room, pack a suitcase, or generally get something in my life more organized.
For mothering advice I go to Jan Allison. She has a great track record (anyone met Kari and Kathy?) and she always has good practical, Scriptural advice about mothering. She has great advice about a lot of other things too, but I'll stick to this one for now.
Fashion critiquing and advice? Cindy Nicholson.
When I have homeschooling questions or educational questions in general, I call Susie Rawle. She practically wrote the book on this stuff.
For plot problems I go to Matt. He's always ready to brainstorm new story ideas and plot twists. Can't imagine where he got that imagination!
Vacation Bible School? Wally Bryant and Larry Nicholson. No one's better.
When I need uplifting and encouragement? Well, God's given me so many people it's hard to list them all. I could pick out just about any lady in our church. At one time or another they've all hugged me and told me they're praying for me. They're a fantastic bunch of people!
For a dash of humor, a twist of wisdom and general good feelings, I turn to you. Thanks Pilar, Ingrid, Freda, Nina, Theresa, Tracy ... Your comments, your blogs--your presence ... thanks for being there.


  1. Before I start..sorry for leaving you hanging, I nevermade it back to the computer, but I left a comment in yesterday's post to redeem myself. I know how encouraging is to see comments left in your own post.
    When we first got to Spain I used to call Paqui a lot for ministry advice. You know how to help someone with on problem or another... Right now we are just starting so we don't have people to minister yet so, I am giving her a break :).
    I find that blogging is where I turn for christian encouragement now that we don't have anyone close by. I write things that I would tell my best friend, so I look forward comments because it is nice to know that your "friend" is listening. :)


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