Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tagged: 7 Things About Me

I've been tagged by Dani Joy and I am supposed to share seven things about me that no one knows. I have agonized over this in the past when I've had to share a certain number of things about me. Basically because there are some things better left secret. Some things about me no one needs to know. But let me see what I can come up with.

1. When I was younger, we celebrated Halloween. (We know better now.) One year I went as Miss America. I had a silver dress and high heeled shoes that were way too big for me. I even wore a Miss America Banner and a little tiara. The problem was, the Halloween party was at Awana. Great costume, but I didn't do too well in the games that night.

2. At the age of six, I had my four front teeth pulled on the advice of a dentist. He said the baby teeth had been in there way too long and needed to come out, so he pulled them, even though two weren't even loose. I went for the next two years without front teeth.

3. I enjoy public speaking.

4. It has been my lifelong dream to visit Israel someday.

5. Most of the time if I burn something that I'm cooking, it's because I was trying to read while I was cooking. (Not the cookbook.)

6. I've lost eleven pounds.

7. I have waaaaaaaaay more to lose before I reach my goal.

What have we learned from this? I don't always have good judgment. And I've never had an easy time with dentists. Hope you enjoyed this. I certainly found it edifying. Or depressing.


  1. Aww.. thanks for joining in! You, didn´t have to. did´t want it to be painful. jeje

    I too have lost about that and want to lose a ton more weight!

    I can´t wait to read your book some day!


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