Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Could Use A Smile

 It's a little dreary and rainy today, and I'm a little down. So how about leaving a bunch of comments today? Tell a joke, tell a funny story. Make me laugh. Please.


  1. My jokes are terrible Jill, trust me!

    Praying for you hun. Sit, back, relax, and scarf down some chocolate!

  2. I agree chocolate always helps. That and some good praise and worship music.

  3. I can never make people laugh on command. Forgive me please.

    I hope this link works...look very closely at the image.

    Praying your day will get better!!!

  4. I'm always big on getting an ice cream treat and a fountain pepsi on my 'down' days....
    ...and when I'm having a BAD day, I'm famous for saying "Man, I need a beer ;)".....that always gets a laugh or two because everyone knows I don't drink ;)

  5. I hear them talk on TV today about "Breast Milk Cheese". Is that funny OR gross? I couldn't decide!

  6. Funny thing...I'm hav'n one of those kinda days too! I'm not very motivated today.

    Here's one I read on fb today...A fella and a supermodel were taking a stroll down the beach...Fella says, "Oh, look at that poor dead bird." Supermodel looks up into the sky and says, "where?"

    Groan, I know. You "carry" but don't shoot the messanger! lol

    Have a cuppa tea...I'm fixen to...makes me smile.

  7. You all are the best! Chocolate did help, and FringeGirl, thanks for the "smiley face". I think breast milk cheese is both funny and gross, and I would never shoot the messenger. Thanks so much for the cyber smiles. Ya'll did make my day better!

  8. You may have seen this one before...it was probably the best forwarded email I have ever gotten! Lol!


  9. Sorry I am just getting around to checking blogs. I have been kinda on the down side also, it has been cloudy today. Been thinking about my mom and dad alot this week, I guess because my birthday is at the end of the week. Hope your day got better. Blogging buddies are the best!

    until next time... nel

  10. What did the ocean say to the beach?

    Nothing, it just waved!


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