Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Typical Day with the Boys

My husband was out of town for the last couple of days so the boys and I had some quality (!) time together. We're now ready for some quality time apart. Hence, they are staying home with their father tomorrow while I go to work.

What did today include?

A stopped up toilet. At work. Stopped up and overflowing, actually. It took two rolls of paper towels to clean it up. The faint smell of clorox lingered in the office air for the rest of the day.

The boys eating everything in sight. And asking for more. (Could this be the reason for the first problem? Just askin'.)

Schoolwork left at home when I took the boys with me to work.

Piano lessons when three of the boys hadn't practiced all week.

Letting the dog out at 11:30 at night, only to have him decide he wants to play with the two armadillos in our yard. We almost never got him back in the house.

All of this was topped off by Joel during Patch the Pirate Club. The two ladies that work in Patch are sisters-in-law. I chatted quietly at the back of the room with one, but apparently we were distracting. The lady in front cocked a disapproving eyebrow at her sister-in-law. Said sil (sister-in-law, duh! What else?) immediately assumed a repentant look and straightened up.

Since my behavior was not even acknowledged, I smirked at my partner in mischief and gloated that she got in trouble and I didn't. (Sometimes I am so mature!) SIL immediately complained that I was making fun of her because she got in trouble. I assumed an innocent look and declared that I would never do something like that.

Joel was sitting on the back row. "Hey!" he interrupted, looking at my not-so-repentant friend. "I know my mom." Pause. "She would definitely do something like that."

And I thought he was going to defend me! The other lady actually gave Joel a piece of candy to reward his "honesty". I held him up for it after the meeting and demanded half.

And that was my day on Wednesday. How was yours?


  1. Aw, they're handsome...I don't think I've seen a group shot before.

    My Wednesday was good : ) Sunny skies, hubs home early and corned beef and cabbage for dinner. What's not to love?

  2. Sounds like fun. ;-) Don't you just hate it when the kids tell the truth about us. lol

  3. Now my dog chases opossums and squirrels but armadillos are new to me. Do they curl up in little balls?

  4. Fun! Why do our kids always rat us out? We do everything for them and the one time we really need them to come through for us, they tell the truth! What are they thinking??



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