Friday, March 26, 2010

Strangers Passing in the Night

Okay, you want to know something totally weird? Or freaky? Or maybe it's just me and my over active imagination. You tell me.

I have a feeder service that tells me about my blog traffic. It's interesting because it tells me where people are going in order to get to my blog. The feeder helps me to identify my target audience. Clearly, sometimes they just happen to stumble across it. Sometimes I think they come by accident. Sometimes it's my "regulars"; the followers on my blog that I communicate with on a regular basis.

I get a lot of international hits on my blog. I've gotten quite a few from Saudi Arabia. I had no idea they'd get my sense of humor over there. I've also had hits from Moscow, Japan, Spain (I know those people!) and various other countries that I can barely identify.

It is interesting(!) to see how people searched in order to find me. Sometimes they searched for "Jill Boyd's blog". Sometimes they were searching for something innocuous. Like insurance. I did a post a few weeks ago about insurance, and I used pictures of several well-known spokespeople. And one gecko.

One time I had someone in the cornfields of middle America hit my blog in the wee hours of the morning. They did it by searching for "Terry and Jill Boyd in Florida".  Hmm! That would be us. Except we don't know anyone in the cornfields of middle America. But apparently they know us.

Recently I had an international hit from someone who was searching for "Jill is sprayed by poison gas".


 Is anyone else uncomfortable here?

Well, on the plus side, if they're international, they're not going to be spraying me with poison gas anytime soon. And there's a lot of Jills in the world. It doesn't have to be me. Except this hit came from Asia. I don't know how many Jills they have over there.

Of course you know what my imagination is doing. Nothing that's good for my blood pressure, that's for sure. And now I'm wondering--how careful are you about your presence on the internet? Do you ever worry about stalkers? Or poison gas attacks? (I live in a household of males. We have poison gas attacks almost every night. )

I want to hear of any weird encounters you've had on the internet. It'll make me feel better. Maybe.


  1. Always love to see how people land on my sight. Let me just tell you...lots of people google search George Clooney on a regular basis.

    My favorite hit ever I think was from the Middle East, someone searching for 'wild American mothers'....yes. they landed on my blog. On a post I wrote about Moms in Touch. I'm pretty sure moms praying like wild is not what they had in mind but I was glad they saw it : )

  2. Oh boy! That's a little freaky! I guess I dont really pay too much attention to where people are coming from. Maybe I should start? Or maybe not! I'll probably start feaking out!

  3. I've gotten:
    Lumberjack in need of a wife.


  4. I turned off the 'google search' option on my blog after a friend had someone find her via the search 'hot sexy pastor's wife'.....hah! thanks :)

  5. I've never searched to see how people find me. I guess I'm too busy stalking myself!

  6. This is funny, but I don't think you need to worry. It's probably another Jill somewhere that needs to worry! So if you hear about a Jill who is attacked with poisonous gas, you should come forward as a material witness!

  7. It is fun to see what states or even countries visit my blog. I have thought about all the crazies (that's a word, right?!) out there and keep kinda a low profile. I didn't realize you could change the google search thing...might have to look into that.
    Since my move to Florida I have paid more attention to the fidget thing, so no wild stories from me.
    Except, I do have a Florida town that shows up often, but never leaves a comment...kinda creeps me out since there are so many Icks down here in Fl. I pray a hedge of protection around my kids daily.

  8. Yeah, I worry and wonder sometimes. But I know God can take care of it all.

  9. I don't have that sort of capacity on mine or don't know how to get it. I have had people find me by some of my general posts and that is always nice:) Enjoy our gorgeous weather this weekend!

  10. you are soooooo funny, wow I have miss reading your post! I had a few of those weird ones and then found a couple of stuff that also made me pretty uncomfortable, so I deleted that gadget from my blog. Since I can't do anything to stop but I rather not knowing haha! In Spain we say " ojos que no ven corazon que no siente" (eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel) LOL

  11. Just found your blog!
    Jill Boyds are taking over the world.
    Pleased to say that I'm still alive, no poisonous gas attacks this side of the world :)

    love your blog, made me smile

    Happy Easter


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