Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Knees Are Knocking!

I got a phone call on Friday night from a pastor's wife. Their church is in our area (relatively speaking) and I met this lady when she visited at our Super Conference back in February. She was calling to find out if I would be interested in speaking at their Mother-Daughter Banquet next month.

The whole time we were talking, I kept thinking that she was from the church on the other side of town. It was only after I hung up that I realized that was the church where her dad pastored. Her husband pastors about an hour away. Good thing I figured that out before showing up at the wrong church!

But I wouldn't have been at the wrong church anyway because they're not holding their banquet at the church. They're holding it at the country club down the street from the church.

I am properly impressed.

And intimidated.

Did I mention the banquet is semi-formal to formal?

I'm really not sure why butterflies are having a carnival in my stomach. I happen to like public speaking. (I'm weird that way.) I know which fork to use. I even have a formal dress to wear. And a great pair of sparkly heels. Can't wait to wear them!

So what's bothering me? Beats me all to pieces. These people are very nice, and I have no reason to be nervous.

Did I mention the butterflies?

Got any jokes I can use to open? Or any calming remedies to keep the butterflies at bay?


  1. I have one joke:

    Why did the tomato turn red?
    Because he saw the salad dressing.


  2. In the Spring, what flower does a lady always wear?


    I'm sorry, but that's all I got.

  3. No jokes here, I do not enjoy public speaking.... I always make a mess of myself :) that is probably why no one asks me hahaha

  4. i've got no jokes....but i know how you feel :)
    Good luck with it and let us know how it goes!

  5. AWESOMe!! Wear a red power dress and knock them dead! oh figuratively that is!

    You are going to do great!

    It´s prob. the country club thing that´s got ya all up in knots. LOL
    I know it would have me all knee knockin´! woooooooo

    I just heard a joke in Spanish that´s really awesome and hilarious for Christians but I don´t think it translates. Sorry. haha

    Have a great time! and let us know how it goes. HOpe to see a picture or two.

    Dani Joy

  6. How exciting, Jill!

    Breathe deep and pray. You'll be great. And make sure you report to us when all is said and done!


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