Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Road Kill

For those of you that have been wondering what happened to me, (I'm pretending there are some) I have a very good reason for falling off the blogosphere map.

Life ran over me.

It took me a while to drag myself to the curb, and then I had to wait for EMT's. I am now recuperating and ready to attempt getting back on the information superhighway.

I will return tomorrow with a regularly scheduled post, which will be the Random Dozen. For anyone who remembers I was in the middle of a memory for Monday's Memories, I will post that on Thursday because I see no reason for you to wait for another Monday just because I couldn't even get my memory down on Tuesday. Just remember that I can't do it on Wednesday because that is Random Dozen day. And Friday just seems to long to wait for Monday's memories. And since I don't usually post on Saturdays and Sundays those days are out too.

Now I've fulfilled my goal of using all the days on the week in one paragraph. Have a good day and I'll see you all tomorrow.

That would be Wednesday, wouldn't it?


  1. Ha...this sounds like something I would write : )

    See you tomorrow!

  2. Glad you are up again! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. See you tomorrow!

  4. I stayed home sick from work today, so I'm not sure I know what day it is. Now you've got me all confused. This is Tuesday, right? Okay, I need to get my Random Dozen post ready for tomorrow, too.

  5. Road Kill....that's me every morning.

    My Stepdad told my soon to be husband when he asked for my hand in marriage...."Are you sure you want to wake up to THAT every morning?!"

    Seriously..I look AND feel like road kill.

    You're a hoot!

  6. That's awesome. Cracked me up. See you tomorrow then!

  7. LOL I feel like I have fallen off sometimes. Waiting on tomorrow!

    until next time... nel

  8. See you tomorrow on Random Dozen!

  9. You just want to keep us hanging longer. ;-) Will that story ever finish?!

    Seriously, hope all is well.



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