Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Rare Moment of (Shallow) Introspection

Through the wonders of facebook and blogging, I've encounter quite a few people from my past. People I haven't heard from or seen since I--well, since I grew up. I hope most of you that read the blog know that my view of life tends to lean toward humor. I'd like to think that this is one of the places you come if you need a good laugh.

If you read my profile, you also know that I like to write. But more than that, I'm working toward becoming a published author. I guess I should say a multi-published author because I don't plan on stopping with just one book. 

Those two things--my humor and my writing--are very basic to who I am. So it surprised me that several people from my past have commented things such as:

"Who would have thought you'd turn out to be so funny?"


"I never imagined you'd grow up and become a writer."

I've had several of those comments in the last few months. Nothing rude or inappropriate, and I wasn't in the least offended so if you're someone from my past, don't feel guilty. But the comments did make me start taking a look at myself. And I found something interesting.

I'm not really the same person I was when I was growing up. Is that weird? Some things have remained the same, but some things are very different. For instance:

Then:  very shy and quiet in public.   Now:  not so much.

Then:  spent a lot of time on my hair in the morning with mixed results.  Now:  spend less time on my hair. With mixed results.

Then:  would rather read than do anything else.  Now:  would rather read than do anything else.

Then:  thought movies like Dumb and Dumber were stupid.  Now:  still think they're stupid, but watch them anyway because the guys in my life like them.

Then:  had no idea what I wanted to do in life.  Now:  living life.

Then:  couldn't cook.  Now:  not much better.

Then:  was afraid of everything.  Now: still afraid of everything, but doing it anyway. (Thanks, Indiana!)

Then:  didn't want to be a missionary because I was afraid I'd end up in Africa.  Now:  lived for three years in Africa as a missionary.

Then:  loved a good insult battle.  Now:  still do.

Hmm. Maybe I'm not so different after all. 

So what about you? When you run into people from the past do you hear, "You haven't changed a bit!" (Something I'd think is a little disconcerting if they haven't seen you since you were ten) or do they say, "I would have never recognized you!" (Which can be good or bad. Go with the positive.)

Have you changed? Or have you just grown up?


  1. I've reconnected with friends all the way back to elementary school on facebook and it has been fun to see how they remember me. I've found it affirming...I think some saw in me something I didn't see myself back then.

  2. First off, I want to tell you that I often think about one specific post of yours and it makes me smile. It was the one where your husband forgot to tell you missionaries were coming to stay and you had to quickly get ready. I always think about all the hangers with your dress sizes on them!
    Always makes me laugh!

    Ok-I don't know if people think I am different. I have been out of HS for 10 years, and no one seems surprised by anything about me.

    I am a boring, old Marge I suppose.

  3. Excellent post, Jill. And I think this is something everyone must consider some time or another.

    I've both changed and grown up. Each has facilitated the other, and made me better.

  4. This was a good post! I have changed. Only a few people are honest enough to tell me that, but I see the change. Honestly life has made me better than I was when I was younger. That may sound vain, but I don't mean it that way. I was just kind of snobby and I thought I knew way more than I did. Now I see just how much I have to learn. I think the hard lessons of life have taught me how to live with more to show grace to others. Maybe that's just growing up. Anyway, life is dynamic and I think we must change with it or else we get stale. Does that make any sense?


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