Thursday, April 8, 2010

Randomly on the Random Dozen

I usually try to have one particular theme or thought in mind when I do a post, but this is going to be a scattergun type message. Just thought I ought to warn you.

First, I'm totally amazed and relieved to find out how many people also think time to make the donuts when they have to get up in the morning. And here I thought I was weird. Turns out I'm perfectly normal.

Or I know a lot of weird people.

Second, I said St. Bernards look cool. And I do think they'd be handy to have around if I got lost on a mountain. That being said, I have no desire to have a big, drooling dog on the premises.

I have enough males in the house to handle that little chore already.

Third, as I mentioned before, beware of the hazards of randomly applied sunscreen.

As you can see, Nicky wore sunscreen on the middle of his forehead, but he missed the sides and the part of his face under his eyes. He's been hurting, peeling and itching for two days now. Yes, I took a picture of my child while he was sleeping.

Joel's blotchy forehead is the result of slapping a little suncreen here and there, without checking to make sure he was adequately covered.

Joel did better the next time, but he missed the area under his eyes. That's not a black eye--that's sunburn.

Paul avoided blotchiness by not using any sunscreen at all. He's much brighter red than he appears in the picture.

Fourth, we usually have five or six males living in this house at all times. There's always a lot of testosterone around here. This past week we had eight males here. My house was turned into a guys' dorm, both in looks and in smell. I think I'm going to have to wear pink and watch chick flicks for a week to regain my estrogen balance. Otherwise I'm going to have the overwhelming urge to burp and scratch myself.

Musicals anyone?

Almost forgot! Yes, I did accidentally link to Lid's Random Dozen twice. I don't function well that late at night. Or that early in the morning. Or ... well, you get the idea.


  1. Any chance you're going to see Beth Moore in Tampa in another week? I'll be there with my mom.

    My dog drools some...not like a St. Bernard but still...ick.

    Your boys are all so handsome, even with their sunburn. Maybe you and my hubs can trade places sometime...he is in a house filled with estrogen : )

  2. Did you ever dream you'd be the only girl in a house full of guys??!! Ahh, God's sense of humor!!

    Your photo always makes me smile and remember my good friend, who could be your twin, - Anita!!

  3. ah, of the joys of living in florida :) we live outside of Jacksonville but I grew up in a child I spent most summers with zinc oxide slathered on my nose and shoulders!

  4. You make me smile Jill! I'm the sunburn queen. Being fair complected I should own stock in Coppertone. I think the worse burn I had was one on my scalp. My hair is very thin. A shiny, white scalp and thin hair is not a good combination in a July swimming pool. Think peeling! Think dandruff flakes the size of dimes. I always wear a hat now in the sun. It's much better than the greased look of sunscreen applied to the scalp. Ha! :) ~ Love your blog!

  5. Gosh, that sounds like my house with all that testosterone! Scented candles are my friend. I also have a couple of female dogs! I used to get sunburned on the tops of my ears, especially at band camp! :D


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