Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In Search of A Hairdresser

So I got my hair trimmed this weekend. Are you one of those people that have regularly scheduled appointments? Does your hair dresser know your hair inside out?

One day I wake up and look in the mirror. And as I struggle to get my hair into some reasonable fashion, it suddenly occurs to me that I've gone so long without a trim that I've lost any resemblance to an actual hairstyle.

That's when I get it cut again. The problem with this method, though, is that not everyone takes walk-ins. I was having one lady cut my hair, but I usually needed to call a week in advance to get an appointment. I don't know I need a cut that far in advance.

The last two times I've gotten a trim, I used a walk-in salon. Both times worked fairly well, but it's really a little bit like playing Russian Roulette. You never know what kind of a stylist you're going to get. So here's my list of things I look for in a stylist.

1. She has time to cut my hair with no advance notice.

2. She knows more than one basic style.

3. She knows how to work with curly hair.

4. She will listen to what I want, instead of giving me what she thinks is best for me. (EX:  when I say I don't want heavy bangs, I mean it!)

5. She can give tactful advice and tips on improving my hair, without making me feel like I look horrible now.

6. She can shut up and cut my hair, so I can zone out and relax. (I hate making small talk.)

7. She doesn't try to sell me all the products their salon offers. She can use them on my hair--if I like the results, I'll ask for it.

8. She is a she. I don't like men cutting my hair. Not even the man that was dressed up as a woman (albeit an ugly one).

9. She gets more hair on the floor, and less hair down the collar of my shirt. (I'm still itching!)

I once had a stylist tell me that my hairstyle was boring. She suggested a few changes to make my look more sexy. And this right after I told her I was a pastor's wife. I don't want boring, but I'm not exactly sure sexy is the look I should be working toward. Nor am I sure it's even possible.

So what about you? Is getting your hair done a treat or a chore?


  1. Getting my hair done is absolutely a treat..as long as I've locked into a stylist. No russian roulette for me : )

    I'm getting mine cut Thursday and can't wait. But my favorite is getting it cut and highlighted. My hubs says my whole mood is so great on those days. I'm sure he wishes I got the highlights more often : )

  2. I love my hair dresser! She has cut my hair since I was 6 years old and she even reads my blog! ha! I have to have an appt with her, which is difficult. She is usually about 3-4 weeks out.

  3. oh my Jill....I went 10 months before getting a haircut after we moved to Portugal because I didn't know how to say what I wanted and I didn't want to goof up what I said...after all it was MY HAIR we were talking about!! I had nightmares of trying to tell her I didn't want "heavy bangs" only to walk out with huge, little girl bangs that were way too short!!

    Finally we got it all worked out...but I'm a walk in girl too! Who can make advanced appts like that?! I mean on your appt day you could wake up to a beautiful hair day and not want to get it cut....I'm certainly a day to day sort of gal.

  4. oh..and by the way...."sexy" works!

    Who cares if your a pastor's wife!? I don't! Your husband might love you for it!!


  5. I LOVE getting my hair done. It took me a while after I got married to find a good person, too. The first person I tried totally wrecked my hair. It was the first (and hopefully only) time I've ever cried over a hair cut (though it was a hair massacre). The second person was okay, but...it just didn't feel right. Weird, huh? Yeah, I know...lol!! Then I tried a friend of mine from church, and I. Love. Her!!! She is so amazing and will fit me in at any time and is just super amazing fantastic. =D

  6. I have a hard time finding someone to cut my hair well. I have A LOT of hair and it's crazy. I don't think I've had mine cut since about February or March...too long. It needs a good cut very badly, but like you, I'm a walk-in kinda girl. I usually let it go until I can't stand it anymore and then I walk it and say "Cut it however you want!" Yes, I am nutty. I guess I'm lucky it grows back quickly.

    I'd try 'sexy'. You never know...

    Once I had a woman slip me a card for lingerie shows. It was a church yard sale that I was running to raise money for children's Sunday School curriculum. :-) True story.

  7. Yes I usually decide on the day that my hair needs a trim, and I have never had anything else done, not even a wash and style. I was disappointed with my curly hair as a teen when everyone else seemed to have long straight hair, but since my 20s have appreciated it and give thanks for it.

  8. I am like you. And I guess, I haven't felt the need to get a trim or a cut in almost a year now. Ooops. I have long straight hair. I don't have a lot of time to play with it in the morning. Not with 3 boys.

    Maybe that is an excuse. Hmmmm

    Anyway, I am finally getting to the point where I feel I need to do somthing. So what will I do? I will pick a number make an appointment. I will end up telling her just to trim it and do nothing fancy. I'm not a paster's wife either:)

  9. I keep my hair short and color it, so I always make an appt BEFORE I leave the hairdressers. I make it for about 4-6 weeks. It's easier for me to BREAK an appt than to MAKE an appt!!


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