Monday, July 12, 2010

Ten Things I Love and the Reason I'm Ignoring You

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis (all three of you) may have noticed my posts have been a little spotty lately. Not spotty as in polka-dotted, but spotty as in not here very often. I have a very good reason for my absence.


Apparently you occasionally have to live life in order to have something about which to blog. My life lately has had all the terror and none of the joys of being inadequately strapped in the front seat of a monster rollercoaster that is stuck in fast forward and was condemned for killing passengers just last month. (How's that for an analogy?!)

Anyway, I kept promising myself I was going to take some time off and go away for a few days. I wanted to curl up in bed until I felt like getting up. I wanted to relax and enjoy myself and have no duties to worry about for a few days. I was scheduling this rejuvenating time for later in the summer.

My body overruled me.

I ended up coming down with a pretty nasty virus last week. I did indeed curl up in bed until I felt like getting up--that took three days. I didn't enjoy myself, although I think everyone else in the house appreciated the fact that I completely lost my voice. I have now been struggling with this bug for a week. I'm back at work, and definitely on the mend, but not completely well yet.

So now you know why I waited until today to post the ten things I love in answer to the I Love Your Blog award. I didn't love anything last week. : )

I should issue the following disclaimer:  I am assuming you know that I love my husband and children beyond measure. That's why I did not include them on this list.

1.  I love the first crisp day of Autumn. Leaves are turning, the sky is a brilliant cobalt blue, and there's just a hint of a nip in the air.

2. I love decorating the Christmas tree with Christmas music playing in the background. The drapes are drawn back from the big picture window, and I can see that it's just dusk, and the snow that's been falling all afternoon hasn't stopped, but is piling up on the porch.

NOTE:  The first two don't happen in Florida. I know that. I love when it did happen.

3. I love when I bake something and it turns out exactly as it should.

4. I love a really good plot twist, whether I thought it up or I'm enjoying it from someone else.

5. I love the first pull from the straw when I drink a McDonald's mocha frappe. That first taste is a perfect blend of coffee and chocolate.

6. I love singing in a choir when perfectly blended harmonies are completing each other.

7. I love really good hair days.

8. I love pedicures.

9. I love when my kittens purr.

10. I love when my house is completely clean.

Most of the above items do not happen often (except for the kittens--they purr all the time). But if the above list were every day occurrences, would I love them as much?

Your turn. What do you love?


  1. Sorry you've been sick...being sick in the summer is no fair at all! We missed you here : )

  2. Love your list.
    Those things would not be nearly so special if they happened all the time - you know that, don't you? LOL So sorry you've been sick. Being sick somehow seems worse in the Summer. ((HUGS))

  3. Boo to being sick! :( I love #10 and wished it happened every day with no effort from me. :)

  4. I love mocha frappes, too! :-)

  5. I'm sorry you've been sick. Praying you feel better soon! I love Autumn when the leaves turn. It's my favorite season. Gotta try me a MacDonald's Frapp. I hear they are amazing. Blessings!

  6. So sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you're on the mend soon.

    Living in Florida and you didn't mention beaches...that's in the top 3 on my list, but then I don't live in Florida. Our beaches are lake beaches. Not quite the same thing, but good enough when I need a fix.

  7. Sorry you've been sick, but I'm glad you're starting to get better. Love your list...all except the frappe. I don't like coffee flavored anything! Just give me the chocolate


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