Monday, July 26, 2010

The Trouble With Running Away

Have you ever threatened to run away? Ever dreamed of throwing in the towel and disappearing for a few days?

I've been telling myself for months that I would run away. I told myself that during our church's Super Conference, when we had guests at the house for a solid week and meetings every night.

I told myself that when we had missionaries staying at our house for three weeks straight.

I told myself that when we started the fourth quarter of our school year, and I realized we would never be able to finish before June.

I told myself that while Indiana went through his back surgery. I told myself that as we planned our church's spring ladies' luncheon. I told myself I would runaway as we began planning for Vacation Bible School and I started a month long turn at working full time.

I wanted to run away from the dishes. The laundry that went on for ever. The continuing struggle to teach all the males in my household that cleaning up is everyone's responsibility. I wanted a few days where no one asked me, "What's for dinner?"

In truth, I didn't really care where I ran away to.

I just wanted to be away. I wanted to read a book without interruption. I wanted to sleep whenever I felt like it. I wanted some quiet time. Shoot, at some point I'd have been happy to sit and stare at a wall.

There is a time in life when you realize you have truly had it. That you will not be able to go forward unless you take some time to recharge and rest. I had reached that point.

The problem was, I reached it in February.

Since February wasn't a good time to get away, I operated on fumes for a while. But I promised myself that, before the summer was over, I was going to get away.


The only problem is, I'm not alone. I'm part of a big male group. And taking off for a few days is no easy feat.

How did I manage? Come back tomorrow to see why there is no I in We.


  1. The trouble with running away is... coming back. ;)

    Good thoughts, Jill. Can't wait to see what you say next.

  2. Ok, you got me....I'll be back tomorrow! lol

  3. You have had a busy year! You are amazing to keep up with it all. :)

  4. When we were kids and would threaten to run away our mom always told us we could go as long as we didn't cross any streets. By the time we got around the block we had "cooled" off and were ready to be home again.


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