Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stopped In My Tracks

I have favorite authors that I like to read. I usually keep track of when their latest book is being released because I will read just about everything they write.

Just recently I bought the latest release from one of my favorite suspense authors. I eagerly opened up and started reading, but then something terrible happened.

I figured out who the bad guy was.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I was only a little way into the book. I'm not always clever at figuring out whodunit, and the writer is actually very good at disguising things until the ending. But somehow this antagonist just leaped out at me, and I knew it was him.

I never finished the book. What was the point? I skimmed through and doublechecked my thinking at the ending, but I was right.

And I was disappointed.

So here's my question to you--what will make you put down a book or turn off a movie? Do you feel you have to finish what you start, or are there certain things that just make it impossible for you to finish?


  1. I feel like I don't finish ENOUGH of the things I start: Scrapbooks for my kids...
    folding laundry...
    cleaning up the "crap"after I have "organized"...
    So leaving a book unfinished is just too much of a sin.(but if you figured out the ending, well that's got to be the pits!) I once bought a Tolstoy book because {she shall be nameless, but has a magazine named after her} had it on her book club. I HATED the book it took me three YEARS to read it, BUT I read the damn thing all 2,000and some pages. I refused to let it go unfinished. After I read it I used it for starting our bonfires! Movies are the same for me, I sit and watch the whole thing, unless my hubby gives me "the look" then, well, I'm not passing THAT up! ;)

  2. I don't always finish books I start. Sometimes they just bore me and I never finish. Unfortunately I must get captivated in the first chapter or it's on to the next book. Isn't that terrible? Confession #2: I always skim non-fiction books. I've learned to do it really well, so I get all the important info, but it's a terrible habit.

    Movies...I watch too few.


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