Monday, August 30, 2010

That's Disgusting!

I've always been fascinated by the world of advertising. I often find myself critiquing studying a commercial as it plays, analyzing what appeals and the direction the advertisers chose. Sometimes I think they totally hit the nail on the head, drawing you in and making you long for need their product. Other times you can see where they're going, but it really looks like they didn't quite make it. And then there's some--

Anybody see the Burger King chicken sandwich commercial? There's a party and people are dancing. A guy walks up to a girl, and he's got a chicken sandwich in each hand because it's buy one get one free. There's another guy behind him with his hands reaching out, so the first dude looks like he's got four hands. The guy asks a girl to dance and explains that the guy behind him is his extra set of hands because he's holding two juicy chicken sandwiches. So all three start this awkward dance together. The girl comments that this is weird, and the guy with the chicken sandwich whispers that it can get a lot weirder.

Can someone explain to me what an implied menage a trois has to do with a chicken sandwich? Or why I would want to identify myself with these people in order to get my two delicious BK chicken sandwiches? I find the commercial disgusting. Maybe it's just me.

The other commercial I can't stand is the Charmin commercials. They now feature a cartoon bear family with toilet paper problems. The latest commercial shows the child bear trying to clean little pieces of toilet paper off his bottom, but he never quite gets them all. Okay, I get it. Your toilet paper is strong enough not to shred and tear. Do I really need a visual to get that point across? I don't think so.

Where's Mr. Whipple when you need him?

So, do you know these commercials? What do you think of them? Or do you have a favorite that you love to hate? I'm cranky this Monday morning. Share with me.


  1. I've seen the bear commercial with the same thoughts as you. The first one I've never seen but by the sounds of it, they really should have stuck to just showing a big close up of the sandwich like your picture haha!

  2. I'm not big on the bear commercials either, but I haven't seen the Burger King one yet.

  3. I've seen the Burger King commercial only once (thank goodness) and that was more than enough. I agree with you...nasty.

    I think the bears are kinda cute though. I'm not sure I've seen the particular one you are talking about though.

  4. I am kinda over it with ALL of BK's commercials...

    I don't really care for the frosted mini wheat's ones where the actual cereal is a character... I don't want to eat cure, helpful little guys for breakfast...

    But the one that really bugs me is the m&m's pretzel ads... the one where the pretzel is alive and about to be shoved inside the m&m guy... disturbing...


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