Monday, January 4, 2010

Setting Myself Up for Failure

Okay, toward the end of last year (it seems so long ago now, doesn't it?) I posted on reviewing the old year and finishing well. Then I posted on how to make successful resolutions, such as making them specific and measurable. Those of you that know me knew it wouldn't be long before I got to the lighter side.

Sometimes you never know if your going to slip off that resolution horse until it actually happens. But other times failure is looming large. Here's a few reasons why you might be in danger of failing on your new year's resolutions.

You might not keep your resolutions if ...

... you wrote them on a post-it note.

... you lost your list on January 2nd.

... you found your list only to realize that was actually your resolutions from 2009.

... after you found your 2009 list you realize you have all the same resolutions for 2010.

... you look more closely at your 2009 list and realize that you doubled the amount of weight you need to lose.

... along with your resolutions, you made a list of excuses for not keeping them.

... you formed a mental disclaimer as you wrote down each resolution.

... you spent December 31st saying, "Resolutions start tomorrow!"

... you spent January 1st saying, "Resolutions start tomorrow!"'ve already decided you're not making any resolutions for 2011.

Hope you're having as much fun with your list as I am. At least, I will be having fun once I find the list. It was on a green sticky note ...

So what about you? Are you setting yourself up for failure? Have any resolutions already hit the wayside on this fourth day of the year?


  1. This was funny...I wrote a post on this very thing on Jan. 2nd...It only took me a day to be off track : )

  2. That's funny. I don't make resolutions for this exact reason!

  3. Oh, I still haven't gotten around to my resolutions! Is it too late?!?!

  4. Hilarious, Jill!! Mine list is all in my mind! So if I lose my mind (which happens quite frequently!), then I lose my list too! :)

  5. Ha! I hope not. Really I hope to achieve my very high and altruistic goals ;)

  6. My goal is to break as many resolutions as I can come up with. and Failure is NOT an option.

  7. You mean I can't just write 'em on a post-it note?

    I admit one of the reasons that I blogged mine on Five Moms & A Blog today was so that I'd be more likely to stick with it!

  8. " - you formed a mental disclaimer" LOL! I love that. I think I do that every year.

  9. Loved your list...I think the random posts are so much fun...I missed this one but will catch up next week...


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