Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Show Me That Smile!

There are some things that just make me break out into a smile whenever I think of them. Whether it's a line from a song or movie or something someone said or did, I'll be driving along and all of a sudden realize I'm just grinning. It's a good feeling.

Recently we were in the car and the three youngest boys were singing a snatch of song from a DVD we had watched the night before. When they finished, Nicky laughed out loud and said, "Oh, that never gets old!" His sheer delight in that makes me smile right now as I'm thinking of it.

So last night I asked some of my family members what makes them smile.

Luke:  "Taco. It's just a great word." (He did smile when he said it.)

Paul:  "No School."

Joel:  "Trying to smile makes me smile."

Nicky:  "Matt." (His oldest brother. I'm not sure if the thought of Matt makes him smile or the realization that Matt is off at college. I didn't ask.)

Terry:  "Thinking of you." (That made me smile.)

So I'm sharing the smiles today. Leave a comment telling us what makes you smile. Come on! It doesn't hurt and you actually might feel a little warmer for a moment. Show me that smile!


  1. What makes me smile is trying not to smile! After that, watching The Golden Girls!

  2. Seeing someone else smile and singing.

  3. Getting awards make me smile too. And you have one on my blog for newer bloggy friends.

  4. OOO yes, this is a good one! I need to think of things that make me smile.

    When my boys are playing well together!

    When my schedule gets completed and I can sit down and sigh.. then I smile. ;)

    When all is good and my hubby gives me a hug or a pat. ( I won´t say where) It use to bother me that he would pat me there but now It makes me smirk. LOL

    Love what made your boys smile. I am going to ask my boys too. (of course boys always smile or smirk at the disgusting as well. right?)

    Have a great day, Smilín´!
    Dani Joy


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