Friday, January 29, 2010

Uh, Excuse Me ...

I hope you don't mind my taking over the blog again--I'm Jill's computer. We talked at Christmas, remember? She was doing Christmas shopping? Anyway, you may have noticed she's been away from the blog a lot this week, and I thought I could explain why.

She's sick.

Nothing serious, just a sinus infection, but it's made her very hard to live with. At least, that's what I hear murmured around the house. I wouldn't know because she's always been kind to me. Sort of.

So since she can't be here, I'm getting a little bored and I thought I'd just say hi.


Actually, I guess I sort of lied. A little bit. Jill is usually kind to me, but she did something Wednesday that really upset me. I'm sure you know what Wednesday was. Big press situation. Everyone around the world covering it. No, I don't mean the State of the Union address. I'm talking about Apple's latest. You know. The thing. (whispering)

Hey, I'm proud to be part of Apple. Who wouldn't want to be labeled with that half-eaten logo they have on everything. It's a standard to be proud of. And innovation is one of the things that makes our company so great. I mean, look at me! I don't need a tower. I have USB ports in my keyboard. And my software! I can teach you to play an instrument, help you design a movie, write music, organize and produce your photos ... I have it all! Except ...

Well, for a little while I was everything. Apple made ipods and itouch and iphones, but they all docked   with me for their battery charging. A lot of times they got their downloads from me. I was the anchor that held our universe together.

Well now the very "anchor" part may be my undoing. After all, I'm not portable. When someone came home they would plug in their other devices during their down time. And now Apple has invented the thing. It's not just a computer. It's not a laptop. It's like a computer, phone, ipod and everything else all rolled into one. Who can compete with that? I'm still fairly new and I see a lot of dust in my future.

So what did Jill do? She researched the ipad. That's right. She used me to look up the details on the ipad. She even...I can barely say this...watched a video demonstration. On me!

I'm still bitter.

So anyway, I thought I'd stop in and say hi. You know. While I have the chance. Hope your week was better than mine.


And if she blogs Monday about a new acquisition, well, it's been nice knowing you.



  1. Too funny. I personnaly don't have anything Apple, but my kids both have Ipods. But I gotta say that new thing looks pretty cool!

  2. Hey, Jill! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. You're so funny! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. awww, poor computer! I hope you are feeling better soon, Jill! Hey, I just noticed you live in Orlando. Have you met Lisa Shaw, or Kim from Homesteader's Heart, or Kathy from Blessed Beyond Imagination?

    I will be in Orlando in 2012, and am hoping to meet up with a bunch of you Florida bloggers for dinner or lunch or something. Wouldn't that be fun!

  5. Love it! Hope you feel better soon. I'd like an Apple myself.



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