Friday, August 20, 2010

Looking On The Bright Side

I aged a whole year this week, which is very hard to do. I absolutely hate that my age keeps climbing, although I understand there's only one other option for stopping that.

But if I have to deal with the agony of growing older, I still get to enjoy some privileges of age. For instance ...

1. Birthdays are rarely celebrated all in one day. I haven't actually had to cook a meal since Sunday.

2. Your friends are more concerned with wishing you a happy birthday than they are with getting a piece of cake at your party. At least, they pretend to be. : )

3. Cards and presents are received for several days before and after your birthday. (It helps to know more people than a twelve year old would know.)

4. Kids feel a let down when they get clothes as gifts. Adults actually get excited about it.

5. Kids have a party, with maybe a clown. I got a pedicure with a couple of friends and dinner at Olive Garden.

6. Kids gets Legos and Nerf guns. I got earrings and a Books-a-Million gift card.

7. Kids get a birthday dinner at McDonalds. We went to Logans.

8. Kids still have a bedtime on their birthdays. I stayed up as late as I wanted. (I regretted it in the morning, but let's ignore that part.)

9. Kids can't order things online and then call them "an early birthday present". I can. I did.

10. Kids can't motivate or guilt everyone around them into doing what they want by saying, "But it's my birthday!" Not that I would do that.

All in all, except for the age thing, it pays to get older.


  1. I like your list. Fodder for my up coming birthday. Ha!

  2. Sounds like a nice birthday, especially the pedicure and #10. My birthday is approaching and I'm going to remember that!

  3. Glad to hear you had such a satisfying birthday.
    Have a great year. God Bless.


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