Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now I've Seen It All

There are somethings at Walmart that you expect to see. Kids screaming. Shelves empty of the one item you need. People wearing sleep pants, flipflops and a t-shirt.

Seriously, why is it necessary to roll out of bed and head straight to the car and go to Walmart? Is it really so much trouble to pull on actual street clothes first? I never see people in pajamas at Target. Or Kohls. I don't even see people in pajamas at McDonalds. Why is it okay at Walmart?

But that's something you see all the time. I'm talking about something I saw recently that I've never seen before. I actually saw a store employee stop in an aisle and ask a customer if they needed help. The customer didn't ask for help. The customer didn't stand in the department for 10 minutes, hoping an employee would show up. The employee didn't brush by the customer without a glance. He actually stopped and offered help.

I had to do a doublecheck that he was wearing Walmart blue and not Target red.

Now I have truly seen it all.


  1. I thought it was just our local wal-mart. We live near a college town and had never seen people in pj's at wal-mart until we moved here. But now it's gotten that it's not just the college kids. I actually saw a woman in her 30's at the local grocery store in men's boxers a couple of weeks ago.
    Really puts into perspective that some people need to look in the mirror before leaving their house.

  2. There's a website called People of Wal-Mart that has pictures of that and worse. Some are hysterical and some you just have to shake your head and ask "What were they thinking?" Go look at your own risk, sometimes I wish I hadn't.

  3. Oops meant to leave you the link. Here it is.


    What on earth is wrong with those people? And the fuzzy slippers in the store and the parking lot? That's just disgusting!

    Once I was in the mall, and the salesgirl at the cell phone kiosk was wearing pajamas. At WORK.

  5. I don't believe it... not the pajama part... I see that all the time... It's the offer of help part... This employee must be new...

  6. Of course I wouldn't think of skipping here : )

    I'm thinking stores need signs up saying no pjs. And wear shoes. What is up with all the barefeet? We sat across the aisle in a restaurant recently from a teenage girl who had her knees pulled up to her chin, shoes off the entire meal. It was kinda gross. Her mom sat right across from her though and never once asked her to put her legs down. I thought about it but I held back.

  7. Come to think of it...
    You're right! You don't see pajama wears in Target or Khol's. Interesting........

    I really do like my grocery store cause it's just like that, not the pajama part but the friendly employee part. Every single employee that walks passes me, asks if I need any help. And get this, they actually smiling while they ask. Isn't that AMAZING!!! I'll go to my Lowes Foods more than any other grocery store just for that reason. And it's pretty consistent with all the different locations I've been to.

    Well, take care Jill and have a great weekend!

  8. You know, I never thought about that. The kids around here (not mine) used to wear flannel pajamas and slippers to school, and the schools let them for awhile. But now you can't wear your pajamas anymore....duh!


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