Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well Shut My Mouth!

Please tell me I'm not the only one with open-mouth-insert-foot disease! I've pretty much gotten to the point where I know not to say inappropriate things, but I still have trouble with things sounding one way in my head and then sounding completely different when I say them out loud. Then, too, I still have trouble with not thinking in my head at all before something pops out my mouth. Want to hear (and laugh at) my latest blunder? Read on!
In choir practice we were going over a piece of music. The choir director stopped us and commented, "You're all still coming in too early on that word, 'but'. You need to watch that."
I tried watching for the timing, but I still wasn't getting it right. Then the girl next to me pointed out that I was on the wrong page. And that's when it popped out my mouth.
"Oh! I've been looking at the wrong but!"
The people around me thought it was hysterical. And they were more than happy to share it with other choir members who hadn't heard me the first time. I wanted to crawl under the pew. This was definitely not what a pastor's wife should be saying out loud. (Or thinking either, for that matter!)
So help me out here. Share a foot-in-mouth moment of your own so that I don't think I'm the only idiot on the planet. (Make one up, if you have to. I'm desperate here!)


  1. oh come one, it is soooo funny!!! hahahhahha, and somehow it is even better when coming from a pastor´s wife.

    Last thaksgiving the Starks were here in Spain and we had a girl from our church over. She knew english so that was what we were speaking because of my in laws. Somehow we were talking about pet names that husband give wives and so on. So I was mentioning how in the US they have the funniest pet names. Sweet pie, pumkin pie..... and then meaning to say honey bun, I said "sweet buns".. I knew right away what I have just said and cover my month. Everyone understood but the girl from our church thankfully :)
    Someone may call that to their spouses but I think it is just not ok to share those pet names with them :)

  2. Do you have time for me to write a novel about all of the times I have stuck my foot in my mouth???

    You are not alone. :)

  3. Ah! Too many to count! Let's put it this way, I try not to ask people if they're pregnant until I can REALLY tell! I don't want to ever embarrass someone again and force them to have to mumble that they are still just losing weight from their previous pregnancy!

  4. Me too! too many to count. the ones I hate are ones where you know you shouldn´t be speaking but you are and you are digging yourself farther and farther into a hole. I hate that.

    Your kind is funny and I do those too but those kind are fun for everyone. Just have to laugh at oursleves too. LOL

    Thanks for sharing.


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