Monday, January 28, 2008

Dressing in the dark

I used to love these dress up dolls. I thought it was fascinating that they could have so many ties, zippers, buttons, snaps, etc., on one doll. They always fascinated me, and I worked through each fastener to make sure it was done correctly. I guess I must have missed something though, because I can't seem to get the same finished results for myself.
Recently I was getting dressed to head to work, and I pulled on a long-sleeved, button up the front shirt, intending to wear it open over a t-shirt. I usually leave the cuffs on this shirt buttoned, but apparently the last time I wore it I had rolled up the sleeves. I rolled them down, but had trouble fastening them because of some weird, french-cuff thing it was working. I couldn't remember the shirt having french cuffs, but then I never had to mess with the cuffs, so what did I know? I got to work early and sat at my desk, getting my lesson plans in order for the day. When I finished, I stood up and straightened my shirt before heading out to the morning faculty meeting. I ran my hand down the front left side if my shirt and realized something: there were no buttons. With a closer look, I realized I'd put my shirt on inside out. That's why I had trouble buttoning the cuffs! That's also why the collar would not lay right.
It would be funny if it happened once, but twice? The following week I pulled on my black, elastic-waist skirt. It's elastic all the way around, with a seam up both sides. I wore it to the faculty meeting, and then throughout the school building as I stopped to talk with one person after another. I finally spoke to my son's teacher, who kept looking at me strangely. I dropped my hand to my side as I talked, and was startled to feel my seam allowance. I was horrified to realize I was wearing my skirt inside out! I excused myself and hurried to the bathroom, where I corrected the problem. What an idiot! I know a woman who wears her sweats inside out at home because she doesn't like the tag to bother her. I often laughed at her, but what's my excuse!
I now find myself double-checking my clothes numerous times each day. I'm really getting paranoid, although I think you'd probably agree that I have sufficient grounds! Even my eight year old can manage to get his clothes on right-side out. Although, he does sometimes put them on backward.
Excuse me ... I've got the sudden urge to go check and make sure my shirt tag is in the back.


  1. Hahahaha....that is hilarious!! You've got me making sure my clothes are on correctly!

  2. Kari, At this point I would think it would be obvious for you which way your clothes go. The full part goes in the front. LOL

  3. You would think. I'm still able to wear some of my regular tops. The skirts are a different story...those hips and belly!! :)


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