Friday, January 4, 2008

Hair today ...

Cutting the boys' hair. How hard can it be? I've watched many times as someone else cut my sons' hair. Looks easy enough. Just follow the curve of the head. Oh, but wait. Why are they changing out the little plastic comb thingy? Oooh, nicked the ear! Happens all the time.
When we were making a little more money, I took the boys in to a hair salon once a month. After answering the usual questions of "are they all yours?" (five boys), I'd tell the stylist, "#2 on the sides and back, #4 on top and blend it with a #3." Clear directions, easy to follow, simple haircut. Apparently it was difficult even for trained professionals. Once I got two of the boys' haircuts for free because the stylist accidentally zinged a bald spot on the side of their heads. Two boys in the same day!
Well our days of affluence are over for now. They boys need haircuts. I watched a friend do it once. She used the same guard the whole time. (I know what the plastic thingy is called now!) Twice over the whole head. Guard off and work carefully to trim sideburns, around the ears and at the collar. Is it even? Any little hairs sticking up? Looks easy enough, but still ...
I waited until my boys were long past shabby before attempting haircuts on my own. I toyed with the idea of taking them to a salon again, but I just didn't think they'd consider that kind of thing a decent Christmas present. They looked a little shabby at Thanksgiving and during the school Christmas program. By the time the church children's Christmas cantata rolled around they were downright unkempt. Finally I could stand it no longer. My husband offered to cut their hair, but he refused to use clippers on top. Scissor cut was best, he told me firmly. But the boys don't ever remember to comb their hair! A style with little upkeep works best for them, and a good #4 saves time for all of us. I'll do it, I insist. I've watched and I've learned. The time has come. How hard can it be?


  1. Wait! Give us before and after shots. (Just tell them it will grow back.) : )

  2. Jill, just remember to attach "the little thingy"! Trust me, you don't want to be halfway through the "do" when you realize why you had that little nagging feeling that you were somehow forgetting something.
    And I second the motion on before and after pictures. Your boys unkempt? This I have to see!!


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