Friday, January 25, 2008

How much is too much

I like things that sparkle, don't you? I enjoy necklaces, and I love a gorgeous pair of earrings. I have a friend who wears absolutely gorgeous jewelry. It's understated and delicate, but obviously quality. Some of my friends prefer small pieces, but I like things that dangle and flash a little more. Can't have things too bold, though. After all, I'm a pastor's wife and an English teacher. I have a reputation to uphold. LOL
As much as I love sparkly things, though, I have to wonder when we might hit too much of a good thing. I've seen some enormous pieces of jewelry. Have you noticed the earrings (or chandeliers) that women are wearing on the red carpet these days? You've got to wonder how much that must hurt to have that much metal hanging from your earlobes. Do they have to use the ear equivalent of botox in order to keep their lobes from stretching permanently to their shoulders?
In addition to the standard jewelry of earrings, necklaces, pins, bracelets and rings, there's several other pieces that are getting attention these days. There's the ever-popular belly ring (eewwww!), along with nose rings and tongue rings. Definitely too much bling. Piercing my ears was as much pain as I want to go through in the quest for beauty.
Besides jewery, there's other ways to sparkle as well. First to mind comes the teeth whiteners. Your teeth can now be so white they glow in the dark. Plus, there's body sparkle. This is an iridescent spray that gives a light glitter to your skin. Someone gave my daughter some when she was twelve. Yeah, right. That wasn't happening either.
You can even use glazes now to give an extra shine to your hair. Personally, I'm happy if I can just tone down the gray. Yeah, you can make almost any area of your body glitter. But there's one area where I really thing that the quest for bling has just gone too far. The other day I saw an older woman with fake eyelashes. Now, they would have been eye-catching enough, especially since the edge of one of them kept popping away from the eyelid. But the most noticeable thing was that the fake lashes were studded with crystals. Not just glitter, little shiny stones scattered across the fake eyelashes. I was so fascinated, I couldn't focus on what the woman was saying because I was watching her eyelashes. Did they ever fall off? Did the stones make it harder to blink? I couldn't help but wonder if it took extra effort to keep her eyes open. Did they hamper her eyesight at all?
I'm just thinking that if the bling actually hurts your ability to see clearly while driving, you ought to dial it back a notch.

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