Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'll cry if I want to

I don't think women need to have a reason to cry. I mean, let's face it. Those tear ducts can open up at the drop of a hat. (Especially if it's our favorite hat and it landed in a mud puddle!) We know we're more emotional creatures. Sometimes men realize this too. Did you ever see A League of Their Own? It's about female baseball teams during World War II. Tom Hanks plays the manager of the team, and he keeps yelling at the girls whenever they make a mistake. Inevitably they cry, which only drives him crazy. I always laugh at the scene where he nearly has a stroke from trying to control himself and speak nicely to a girl who just made an error.
We cry over movies, or sad songs. Or on holidays or when someone remembers us with a gift or a note. We cry when we say goodbye and we cry when we see someone that we've missed for a long time. It's a given that we cry at weddings and funerals. We cry for happy times and sad times, and there's no rhyme or reason to it. The tears just come.
Most of us try to keep our occasional weepfest to ourselves. When that emotional rollercoaster hits, we try to hide it. Or at least, we try to hide from the world until we overcome it. And of course, most of us would never dream of crying at work. Isn't that almost like death to your career? It's not considered professional.
So if that's the case, why is it okay for someone to cry their way into a Presidential nomination? And why on earth would any one in this progressive, forward-thinking country fall for it? Apparently Hilary Clinton teared up this past Monday when answering a question. It made the news immediately that afternoon, and became the leading headline the following day. But the biggest shock of all was, she was expected to lose in New Hampshire's primary that day. Instead, she led among women voters and won by a large margin. What is up with that? Please tell me we don't have a majority in this country that will vote to nominate someone for President because they cried. I've heard of getting a sympathy vote for a prom queen, but come on! We're not talking about our senior year of high school, we're talking about a potential leader of the free world!
Never mind whether you think a woman is fit for that job or not, is this the image we want for the leader of our country? If people give her the sympathy vote, is that really the impression we want to give to our enemies? Trust me, they're watching this year's election process with great interest. And they already have their favorites picked out. When it comes to dealing with someone that wants us all destroyed, I think we need to be led by someone who gives an impression of strength. You can't give this job to someone just because they're a woman. Maybe you can't give this job to someone at all because they're a woman. That's right, I said it even though I'm a woman myself. I don't want to be represented and led by a woman. I want to be represented and led by someone who's strong enough to do the job. Sometimes you can't cry, even if it is your own party.


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