Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Husband's Love

Last night I saw a man's love for his wife and it was a beautiful thing.

We went to a surprise birthday party for a friend who turned ... well, she hit a milestone. (Happy Birthday, Susie!) In honoring the milestone, her husband asked about two dozen friends and family to all come to a restaurant to help celebrate her birthday. She was truly surprised and really seemed to enjoy the celebration. I watched her husband and noticed how happy he was with her joy. He wasn't eager for her to see what a good job he'd done in planning her party. He just wanted her to be happy and know she was loved.

This man always cares for and cherishes his wife, and it shows. But in a very quiet and thoughtful way he honored and celebrated his wife last night. He brought her presents and stood behind her to watch while she opened them. He chatted with his daughter, away at college, on the phone and told her what her mom was getting. He kept track of the opened presents and moved them out of the way so she could open others.

And then it came time for his gift to her. He was eager to give it, you could see that, but it was more about wanting to show her he loved her than it was wanting her to see how much he showed his love. Does that make sense? I've thrown parties for my husband before, and I wanted to surprise him and make him happy and show him, with all my effort, how much I loved him. This man simply wanted to love his wife, whether she was aware of how much or not. (I think she is aware.) : )

My husband commented on the way home that there was a man who cherished his wife. He loved her and cared for her.

The thing that impressed my husband the most? The man didn't put out any black balloons for his wife's birthday. : ) Now that must truly be a mark of love.

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  1. That is soooo perish...I have seen this specific couples love on many occasions. There my parents. My dad has always love my mom that way. they always try to show that love by making each other happy. I am glad that the party was a success...i wish i could have been there. -Mandy


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