Friday, October 23, 2009

What Are You Missing?

Today's post is a question for you and a little chance to vent if you need to. The question is: what are you always running out of at your house? Toilet paper? Dish soap? What one thing can you count on that it will not be there when you go to use it?

For me it's two things. Batteries and light bulbs. No matter how many I have, I will run out when I need one next. If it's light bulbs I'm looking for I will not have the right size or wattage.

If it's batteries, I won't have any at all. I just don't understand this. I'll buy huge Sam's Club size packages of batteries. But then when I go to use some, all I've got are empty battery packages. The boys go through them like candy. I'm assuming they're powering their many toys and handheld gaming devices, but for all I know they could be building a huge, battery-powered robot in the garage. I can't think of anything else that would use that many batteries.

On the other side, one thing we never run out of is toilet paper. I buy some whether I think we need it or not because I can't imagine life without it!

So what about you? What's always missing from your house, or what one thing will you never be without?


  1. Jill, you are too funny.

    I always have too much ketchup. My husband and ten year old daughter smother it on almost everything. I keep wondering if that is a subtle hint that my cooking is lacking. Hmm.

    What I'm missing everytime I reach for it is laundry soap. We do through droves of soap. It baffles me, really.

  2. *sigh* to run out of toilet paper in my house would border on apocolyptic. We always need the basics ;)

  3. Laundry detergent and half & half. It never fails that the last drips are never enough for a full load or for a full cup.



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