Friday, May 14, 2010

And in Closing ...

Hello, sports fans! Just wanted to wrap up a busy week with a short post. I've been working on all the details for our ladies' luncheon tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know about Indiana's doctor visit yesterday.

Terry went to prayer meeting Wednesday night--first time out of the house since the surgery. He was in a lot of pain by the time he got back home, but was so glad to be out and about again. Then Thursday we went for his first post-op follow up visit. The doctor was thrilled with Terry's progress, and said he's looking very good. He has to wear the collar for two more weeks (Indiana was NOT happy to hear that), but he can now take it off when he sleeps or eats. I see a lot of sleeping and eating happening in the next two weeks because he really hates that collar.

His incision is inflamed, but healing nicely. The doctor said the scar tissue will thicken, but then it should smooth out and ultimately the scar will look like any other crease in his neck. (The doctor's exact words. Again, Terry wasn't thrilled.)

The nerves leading to Terry's hand and fingers do seem to be coming back to life. He's had no pain there since the surgery, and he's slowly regaining some strength in that hand.

I did specifically question the doctor and make him say that Terry couldn't drive for at least another two weeks. I wanted to make sure Indiana heard the doctor say that.

We go back in two weeks, and the doctor will do some more x-rays then to see how all is progressing inside. By then I'm pretty sure I will be actively full-time involved in keeping Indiana from heading off too quickly on more adventures.

Thanks again for your prayers. I'll be back on Monday with a snake story from our time in Uganda. Now who can resist that?


  1. Praise the Lord for the good news! So glad that he is healing nicely.

    I am sure you have been so busy but just wanted to see if you had any questions about getting started on the fitness challenge. Have you come by to look at the blog? You have a ticker but I understand if you can´t get on to post or update. Just wanted to help out if you wanted. I can even post your minutes exercised if you want.

    I am sure it´s been a totally busy time for you but make sure you take time for you too. Exercise is one of the best ways. ;)
    Love and prayers
    Dani Joy

  2. Glad he is feeling better and hopefully life can seem back to normal in no time! :)BTW your comment the other day where you totally copied and teased me cracked me up!

  3. Yay for good news! You are a great wife Jill. I'm sure your man appreciates the way you are loving him.


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