Thursday, May 6, 2010

Take A Good Night's Sleep and Call Me in the Morning

How much sleep do you need in order to function? I don't think we ever realize how much sleep we need until we go without some for a while. My sleep has been hit-and-miss for the last week since my husband had surgery. Since he's been in the guest room on the first floor, I've been sleeping on the couch. I've been up with him multiple times during the night, and I grabbed little catnaps during the day when I could.

I knew the couch was hurting my lower back. It took me a while every morning to work out the kinks as I moved around. But I also thought I was getting more sleep than I actually was.

Each day I felt worse and worse. And I actually looked worse and worse. I was still doing my hair and putting on makeup, but the end results were that I looked a little, as one person commented, rough.

Yesterday I was apparently a little more cranky than usual. Terry's been doing some better--still in pain and still needing help--but things are improving. He finally told me to go sleep in our own bed last night. I didn't want to at first, but he talked me into it. He had his cell phone, and he would call me on my phone if he needed anything.

So last night I settled down into my own bed. I fell asleep and slept soundly for eight hours. And my husband survived quite well without me. This morning for the first time I woke up without feeling drugged. There was no morning fog in my brain. I actually got something accomplished before I headed into work.

In short, I no longer look "rough".

I like this sleeping through the night thing. I may actually try it again sometime.


  1. I hope you feel well rested again soon. I need all my kids to be safely taken elsewhere so I can just lay in bed! I am feeling quite sickly these days. :)

  2. Glad you got that well deserved rest. You are a great wife! I'm sure your husband appreciates you taking such good care of him. Hope he's back feels better.


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