Friday, May 7, 2010

The Most Important Thing

There's so much I could be blogging about right now.

I can always talk about my husband's surgery and recovery. Still in pain, but getting slightly better.

I can blog about the boys and their latest shenanigans. But frankly, after using the word shenanigans, I think anything else would be anti-climactic.

I could blog about the ladies' banquet I am supposed to speak at tonight. I have a great dress, but I also have a two hour drive, and the dress was not made to wear while driving for two hours. Since I'm the speaker, and since they're holding this thing at a country club, I don't want to show my plebeian roots by changing after I get there. Suggestions?

And now I've used two big words in this post. I'm not sure how much longer this can go on.

I could talk about the fact that, in anticipation of my speaking engagement, I got my hair cut and I also got a manicure and a pedicure. I could mention the fact that I was unaware of how far I had let myself go until I saw the results of some much-needed grooming.

But what I really want to blog about is my purse.

I'm very picky about purses. I like them a certain shape. And a certain material. They have to have certain features. One feature I require is reinforced straps as I tend to fill my purses so full that the straps often break. My current purse was still intact, but all the stitching was coming out of the straps. Meaning my purse looked like it needed a serious shave.

So yesterday (after the luxury of a manicure and pedicure) I went shopping for a few items and decided to check out the purses at Kohls. I am not someone who has to have designer items. I am often happy with cheaper things that don't have famous names on them. However, Kohls has a display of bags from Simply Vera Wang at the very front of their handbag section. I've often liked the looks of those bags, but other stopping for a moment to admire them, I don't contemplate getting one.

However, yesterday at Kohl's on their clearance rack, I found a forest green purse from Simply Vera Wang. It was a $90.00 purse, but it was marked down to $26.00. I did a happy dance and bought it immediately.

I love my new purse. And I love most that I got it 70% off.

My only regret is that I don't have a picture to share with you. I haven't had the opportunity to take one, but I will try to post one by Monday.

Did I mention I love my purse? And that's why I chose to blog about it. Because for the moment, it is the most important thing.

I'm so easy to please!


  1. Looking forward to see your purse. I'm always looking for a new purse. Don't buy them often, but always looking.

    Glad to hear your husband is feeling some better.

  2. I love purses. Almost as much as shoes. Maybe more. I don't's a toss up. I'm pretty sure I could blog about purses too...they make me happy. Congrats on your great find...I love Kohls...sometimes its almost like they are giving you money. I am wearing a jean jacket I got there for $10. It had been marked down about 20x, was on sale again, and I had a coupon...ya gotta love that! Good luck on your speaking engagement. I don't see anything wrong with changing there btw...I don't think its plebian if you've had a long drive.

  3. Very tricky of I must see that purse. You must post it for us. You MUST!!!! Please. Pretty please? Clever ruse to get us all back to your blog!
    Hope you had fun at the speaking event

  4. I really want to see the whole new package - dress, purse, hair, etc.

    Pictures please!!!

    Glad you took a little time for yourself. Somehow I doubt you get much of that. ;-)

    Still praying for your husband. Wish I could hear you speak. You're not recording it, are you? Seriously.

  5. I must tell you.
    I am not a shoe person.
    Nor am I a purse person.
    Am I weird?
    I am, however, a chocolate person.

  6. Hey Jill, thanks for stopping back. That particular blog post was swimming in my head for a few hours and I felt the Lord wanted it written. I'm so glad it got from my head to your heart. God works in mysterious ways!

  7. I have, well, um...a few purses myself. My 14 yr old practical daughter asked me, just the other day, why I had so many. Seeing that I was once a teacher, I took this as a teachable moment! ; )

    What I'd like to know is, are you happy with your hair cut and stylist? I am still looking for one. I kinda found a gal I liked and she up and moved on me. It is sooo hot down here that I am thinking of getting a much shorter style.

    Also wondering what you did about your dress and that 2 hour drive. I've done some speaking in the past but never driven 2 hours. I hope you changed when you got there. What was your topic? How did it go?

    I'm glad to hear your hubby is doing alright and your boys are doing what boys do! ; )


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