Saturday, May 29, 2010


I fell off the blogosphere, but it's okay. I'm up!

Indiana had a doctor's appointment the day before yesterday. He's now cleared to drive and he can take off his collar.

Of course, he's been driving for almost a week, and the collar is already off more than it's on. He rejoiced to have his freedom back, although I pointed out he's been taking that freedom already. But now it's freedom with the doctor's permission.

The doctor is stunned at how quickly Terry's recovering. The nurse also said it was amazing how well he was doing after only four weeks. I am not amazed at all because I know my Indiana.

In truth, I also know we serve an amazing God. And I thank Him for healing my husband so quickly.

We also added to the family yesterday. We got two new kittens. They were strays found by a friend of mine. They are so tiny and so cute. I would love to show pictures, but ever since I brought them home they have been hiding under my bed. There are so many shoes under there, it's hard to find the cats. But hopefully I will post pictures on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. So glad to hear your hubs is doing well!

    Have a great weekend and have lots of fun with your new additions : )

  2. You have a great weekend too! Sounds like some good news!

  3. Happy Weekend! Yay for kittens and collar removal!

  4. Happy to hear your hubby is doing well. Enjoy those kittens!

  5. Glad to hear your husband is doing so well. Don't we serve such an awesome God! Can't wait to see the new kittens.

  6. Praising the Lord for Indy´s recovery!

    I dropped off of blogsphere too but will try to stay on track here now.

    Can´t wait to see the kittens. My boys love all animals.

    have a great day in Jesus!
    Dani Joy


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