Thursday, June 4, 2009

Creative Minds

Our VBS theme this year is "Out of This World". Here are some pictures to show just what kind of decorations the creative minds and willing hands at our church came up with.

One of the men in our church made this rocket out of a cardboard tube that he got from work.

This is our baptistry/platform area. They are turning it into the computer console of a spaceship.

One of the ladies in church did a scene like this for each of our windows. They are absolutely fantastic! You almost think your are passing through space.

You enter our spaceship through the portal. We've added some more lights to this area since I took this picture.

And another view of the portal from the opposite direction. It's amazing that you can say something simple like, "I wish it could look like a spaceship", and this is what our people came up with.
There's still a ton of work to do today, tomorrow and Saturday, but we're really excited. This is our second year of doing VBS. Last year we had forty-five students. This year we're aiming for one hundred.

Tomorrow--some of the funnier stuff that happens when life gets this busy.


  1. Wow, it is starting to look pretty great!

  2. Whoever did the windows did an absolutely fabulous job!! WOW! I can't wait to hear how the Lord has worked this week!!

    P.S. Zannie says to tell all the boys "Hi" from her.


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