Friday, June 26, 2009

That's My Baby!

I've mentioned before that we have six kids. Matt and Steph are twenty months apart, Luke came three years later, Paul came three years after that, then Paul and Joel are eighteen months (and one day) apart and Joel and Nicky are twenty months apart. For the longest time we've kind of mentally grouped them into the "older" kids and the "younger" kids. Luke's been one of the older kids ever since he joined the youth group. That was three years ago. It was hard to see our little boy start hanging out with the teenagers, even though he was a teen himself.
But he's grown and we've let him go. He's fifteen now. At our last youth service, Luke was the song leader for the entire congregation. The teens leave for camp on Monday, and this will be his third year. I worried some about how he would do, but he absolutely loved it. Especially last year when he walked around talking with a British accent the entire week.
So I've had three years to get used to Luke being a teenager. (I still can't get used to the fact that the two oldest are out of high school!) But guess who's going into the youth group now?
It's one of the "younger" kids. Paul turned twelve, and he will be going into the seventh grade in the fall. He had his first youth outing this past week. And he's leaving for camp on Monday.

I don't think I can take this.

Paul is quieter and more shy than Luke. And I worry that he's not quite ready for camp. Not that I have a choice. He's very excited about it and looking forward to it. And there's nothing I can do to stop him.
Oh, I know I'm supposed to embrace this. After all, we raise them to grow up and become adults. I don't want them to stay kids the rest of their lives.

But couldn't they stay kids for just a little while longer? For those of you that know us personally, I"m sure you wavering back and forth between amusement and sympathy. Well let me knock your socks off. Guess who's going in the youth group next year?


Now you see what I mean. I'm suffering. Can anyone help?


  1. GIrl, who isn't ready you or him? :)

    Kayla was suppossed to go to children camp this year because she is 7... well, she isn't going because I am not ready, I will admit it!! But she isn't ready either... really.... she said it herself :)

    We have been gone from church over 2 years and now that we are back the thing the gets me amaze the most is how big the little kids are... they are not little anymore..... :( That means my girls are growing too.... :(

  2. Oh Jill, I so know what you mean. Ethan is moving into the youth group as well. I always liked Paul. : ) Are his eyes still twinkly?

  3. Pilar, Paul is more than ready. I'm not! Laura, I can't believe Ethan is in the youth group! How can our kids age when we aren't getting any older? : ) And yes, Paul's eyes are still twinkly.

  4. I'm suffering right along with you. I thought they were joking when they said 'they grow up so fast' *sigh)

  5. read your book summary on Rachelle's blog--great stuff! Keep writing!

  6. I have five kids and my oldest is 12 and so I'm just starting to reach that new phase of having "older" kids. My youngest is three and is getting more independent and I'm finding myself in a new stage of not having a baby anymore. It's kind of hard, sad, and yet easier all at the same time.


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