Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cleansing Impurities

Do you take vitamins? I'm a firm believer in them, although I'm not as faithful as I should be in taking them. We've got supplements for sugar control, blood pressure, increased energy, managing stress. But recently someone gave us a mineral supplement that's supposed to cleanse the impurities out of your body and boost your immune system. What could be better than that, huh? Okay, so first of all, the stuff is the most vile tasting of anything I've ever had. Fortunately you can mix it with apple juice because otherwise, I don't think I could get it down. And I know I couldn't keep it down. Plus, it cleanses your impurities. Do I need to explain any further? Suffice it to say, it made us a little sick. But that's good because it shows that it's working.
So strengthening the immune system. That part's not working out so well. I had a mild cough and a very mild case of congestion that's grown steadily worse over the past week. (That would be the week that I've taken this mineral supplement.) I now have a deep, exhausting cough, unbelievable sinus pressure and I've been sick at home for two days. What gives?
Someone suggested that this was another way of cleansing out the impurities. I think that follows along the theory that it's got to get worse before it gets better. It shows that it's working. It's making its way through my system. Say it however you want, but the bottom line is, all those expressions mean this stuff made me sicker than I was before.
One of my friends had an interesting thought. Perhaps I was allergic to the supplement? Try stopping it for a week, let the supplement get completely out of my system, and then see if I'm better. I have to admit, I liked that idea. But then again, I could just have a bad cold. In that case I would probably be better in a week whether I stopped the supplement or not.
My husband, like most men, feels the answer is in "more power". Turns out we're only taking the supplement once a day and we're supposed to take it twice a day. So he feels that if we start taking two doses a day for this week, my health will pick up quickly and all the impurities will be out of my system. So maybe that will work. Or, if I am allergic, maybe it'll make me much worse. One thing's for sure: it will definitely change the status quo.
So what's your opinion? I think I'll go lay down while I wait for your answers.

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