Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vanity Plates Well-Named

I'm sure you've seen them. They have labels like
They're vanity plates. Drive any distance at all and you can amuse yourself for hours reading the license plates of those around you. And getting a glimpse into their lifestyles, personalities, hobbies and egos. So what are you really saying when you have a vanity plate? Just the name would seem to indicate that it's all about you. I don't know how much vanity plates cost, but I know you have to fork out some extra dough. So is the money really worth it to communicate some of these messages about yourself to total strangers?
For instance, when I saw the plate, "SU2WIN", I knew that was one person I wouldn't want to collide with. It was probably a lawyer, but then again these days a lot of people make their money with frivilous lawsuits. I didn't want anywhere near that car. Come to think of it, that's probably a good way to protect your vehicle. Who would want to even park next to it?
The "IARGUE" tag was on an SUV. Personally, I don't want to be known as argumentative, but some people pride themselves on being contradictory. Or maybe that person was on a debate team. Although, then they could have put "DB8". Not quite as eye-catching, though. I think the only other profession that would see the "IARGUE" plate as a plus would be a lawyer.
"LUVMMS" belongs to one of the people in my subdivision. I have to ask myself--do you really love M&M's enough to pay extra for a vanity plate in order to declare it to the world? It just seems to me that if you love M&M's, you would rather spend the money buying more M&M's then simply labeling your vehicle.
"PNKPONI" was on a white mustang with a wide pink stripe up the middle. This is definitely where the little girl fan of "my little pony" met with the teenager who got her first car. I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe that someone driving a car like that has the maturity to make wise decisions behind the wheel. My daughter suggested that perhaps the car belonged to a fifty-year-old woman. I find that even more disturbing.
Let me leave you with this one final thought: if "SU2WIN" and "IARGUE" got into an accident, who do you think would win the lawsuit?

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