Monday, July 21, 2008

Late Night Emergencies

Why do emergencies happen at night? We had a mild emergency last night about 11:30, and it got me to thinking about past emergencies in our life. When one of our kids sliced their hand down the middle on an old nail, it was after 10:30. When we rushed our daughter to the emergency room because she couldn't breathe, it was three in the morning. (Pleurisy does that to you.) When we were in Uganda, we had several medical emergencies that happened at night. Or at least, late enough that it was impossible to travel four hours to the hospital until morning. Matt developed a severe allergic reaction to medication. Matt got electrocuted. Joel was so sick he was having trouble staying conscious. Even when Terry had hepatitis, it got really bad later on in the evening. Boyd emergencies seem to come at night.
So what was last night's emergency? Not much on the scale of what I just listed, but it was a crisis to my boys all the same. Since they got home from church late, I let them stay up a little late last night. When I finally told them to get ready for bed, their process of changing into pajamas, brushing teeth and kissing everyone in a five mile radius took forever, as usual. I went to tuck them in and found only two of them in their room. Neither one was in bed because they were arguing over the cat. Skittles sleeps in the boys' room at night, and Joel and Paul have worked out some sort of system so that she alternates sleeping on their beds. Paul had Skittles on his bed, and Nicky was trying to take Skittles because, according to him, it was Joel's turn. Nicky has a talent for mixing into things that are none of his business. Anyway, They're arguing over the cat when one of them felt something sharp. We turned the cat over and found a three-pronged fish hook caught on her belly. At first I thought it was just tangled in her fur, but it was actually caught in her skin. (Ouch!) No one knows how she found a fish hook, much less got caught on it. It had to have hurt, but she lay still while I tried to see if I could get it out.
First thing I did was send one of the boys for scissors. If I could cut her fur away at that point, at least I'd know what I was dealing with. We have two cats, and I'm grateful this happened to Skittles. She's the short-haired one. If Snickers got stuck on a fish hook, I'm not sure we would have ever found it! Anyway, I cut away some hair and saw that the hook had gone through a small section of skin and the tip was out. I couldn't pull it back through without hurting her or making the wound much bigger. My boys panicked and kept asking if we could take her to the vet. I don't know if vets have late night emergency rooms. We don't even have a vet down here yet anyway.
Finally one of the boys decided to get their older brother, Matt. Matt took one look and suggested that, if we cut off the tip with wire cutters, then we could pull it back out without hurting the cat any further. Great idea! Anybody know where the wire cutters are?
Matt went to find tools, and in the meantime, here came my husband. Terry was tired from preaching and he had to get up early this morning, so he was already asleep. I didn't want to disturb him, but apparently one of the boys felt that Daddy needed to be called. Terry's not real fond of the cats, but he loves his boys. He and Matt worked together and finally got the hook out. The cat was relieved, the boys were happy and everyone went back to bed.
I hope our next late night emergency can be solved that easily!

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